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    • Group Matches Unfair Rating Pairings

      The players of the highest ratings should be paired, then, next highest rating, etc... I do not mind if I must play a higher rated opponent, still, what is fair in the minds of the TD & members of each group - should be of great importance to ... | Read More

      • pawntoss
      • | Dec 14, 2014
    • New Personal Best

      I edged my way back into the 1800s, after being out since September 12th.  And I have a 1900-level player in the ropes.  That will be a first, as I have never, ever beaten anyone rated above 1900. Online Chess - Standard Current: 1816 Today's R... | Read More

    • Chess: Jobs Wanted.

      should you need help with anything, i am looking for opportunities within the chess community, a college, or organization.  Professional Interest  I am looking for an opportunity to use the skills I have acquired to benefit and promote a chess... | Read More


      • kaushikr8
      • | Dec 1, 2014
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    • The power of the two bishops

      Hello everyone! Knights and bishops are equally strong chess pieces. While the knight is a slow piece, it can go to any square, while the fast bishop only has the squares of his colour to move to. Such, the two bishops are very strong, as they ca... | Read More

  • Chess960

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    Chess960 (Fischer random) is a chess variant created by Bobby Fischer where the pieces on the back rank are randomized, there are 960 possible starting possitions, hence the name Chess960 As you can see the pawns a still on rank 2/7 but the piece... Read More »

  • What did Bobby teach you?

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    He was one of the strongest players in the whole world...but little is know about his life. He was born in America (March,9 1943) and he quickly became the first American to win the official World Chess Championship. He was very very young when he... Read More »

  • Cell phone

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    In 2003, former world champion Ruslan Ponomariov was kicked out of a chess tournament because his cell phone rang during the course of a match.  As per article 13.4 of the laws of chess, he was disqualified when his cell phone rang during a g... Read More »