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Location: Kansas City, United States
Joined: 2/3/09
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Location: Ibadan, Nigeria
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    • Chess Aporia: Strategic Living

          Bobby Fischer: "Chess is life."     It has long been understood that Chess involved and induces a struggle of will, it contains what has been termed the 'essentials of survival', to strike, to move and to protect. If we strip aw... | Read More

      • kiwi
      • | Feb 16, 2015
    • Poetry lovers welcome

        Even for a human happines I'm not made for,because I can't live just of life itself,I'm bored,     because for anything that egsists I don't have any admire,because I know I can't payoff my       life debt only with my dreams,not even w... | Read More

    • Arizona Wins Week 1 Thriller over Miami!

      By FM Robby Adamson   After Arizona’s week 1 match, Scorpion IM-elect Robby Adamson had one word to say, “Unreal.” Not since last year’s match against San Francisco has there been such a match where the score, in the matter of minut... | Read More