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  • Arizona Scorpions Win USCL Opener

    By Steve Farmer My favorite time of year is finally here; cooler weather, football season under way, the World Series is around the corner... as is basketball. But above all else, the US Chess League has already started! Chess.com hosted the US ... | Read More

  • Chess Informant 120 Maracana with Morozevich

    Yet not reading latest Chess Informant 120 Maracana? Seriously?  THE PERIODICAL THE PROS USE Book: Paperback, 340 pages, English language. CD: in ChessBase format (with PGN). Our four times-a-year publication aspires to be an arena that g... | Read More

  • The Master’s Bulletin, May 2014

    SUBSCRIBE HERE --> (You can find the Master's Bulletin archive here) Peter’s Chess Vibes Shamkir Stones “During the rest day, when I was tortured for hours by pains in my lower left back, I decided to ask for a doc... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Apr 4, 2014

    "What's the going rate for selling 100 rating points?" Let's start with "It's illegal and I wouldn't do it, and neither should you or anyone else!" Now that we got that out of the way, I can then state "Interesting question! I've never had that ... | Read More

  • Paul Morphy's Chess Strength

    Paul Morphy, Spring Hill College, 1854      This is a highly unusual article for me.  I have no love for chess engines.  Additionally, I have severe reservations about trying to compare modern players with 19th cenutry players.  It h... | Read More

    • The NFL Non-story

      I'm sure you all know about the controversy surronding the NFL. If not, let me fill you in. In short, Ray Rice decked his then fiance and the NFL suspended him two or three games. Of course the was the outcry from the media, "don't you care about... | Read More

      • mapayt
      • | Sep 20, 2014
    • My first OTB bullet game

      This was my first OTB 2|1 chess game. I usually play this time control on many chess sites.. but over the board is much much more exciting. Though it ended as a draw, I am satisfied about the game.. I will analyse the game as soon as I get fre... | Read More

      • Ammanian
      • | Sep 18, 2014
    • awarding penalties received fifa coins the backing

      Video replays to help football referees in key decision-making moments such as awarding penalties received fifa coins the backing of England's Football Association chairman Greg Dyke on Wednesday. But Dyke said he was unsure about Fifa president S... | Read More

    • Watch Live Chess Tournaments Online in Android Mobiles

      Hi Friends, Most of the chess players  follow live chess tournaments (OTB) in the top websites like Chessdom, chess.com TV.. Etc. For android mobiles, in the play store there are a few apps available to watch live chess tournaments with stockfi... | Read More

      • yakoob22
      • | Sep 13, 2014
    • Tactics from my Recent Games

      Here are some puzzles from some of my recent games. Let's start with an easy one.  Black has just played 16...Ba6 to develop his last minor piece.  Why is this wrong?   Next is one that's only a little harder.  In this recent OTB game Bl... | Read More

      • SJFG
      • | Sep 11, 2014

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