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  • The 10 Most Important Moments in Chess History

    There is arguably no other game with the timeless staying power and global reach of chess. Unlike most of the other games and sports played today by millions around the world, chess has a history that spans millennia. While chess has change... | Read More

  • The Universal Opening Trap

    The majority of chess players like opening traps. I believe the main appeal of setting a trap is not the chance to win the game instantly.  What really makes an opening trap attractive for chess players of all levels is the thrill of a hunt... | Read More

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #52: Rooking the Queen

    Professor: Welcome back. Class: Welcome back to you, too, Professor. Rachel: So what are you going to talk about today? Professor: Well, the last two sessions had to do with queens winning queens. Ryan: Were you planning to present more of... | Read More

  • The Positional Rook Lift

    Last week, we examined the rook lift as an attacking tool. Of course, a rook is not only an attacking piece -- it can be mobilized for positional reasons as well. In this article, we will analyze several instances in which the rook lift serves a... | Read More

  • Clash of Champions: Alekhine vs Capablanca

    As we move further from the misty past and closer to modernity in our exploration of the endgames of world championship matches, we come to the battle between the incumbent champion, Jose Raul Capablanca, and the challenger, Alexander Alekhine. ... | Read More

    • Opening, Middlegame, Endgame

      3 Parts of a chessgame - Opening,endgame, middlegame   Hello Chessfriends, many players rated around 800-1500 ask themself how they can improve their chess to get to the next level. But most of them forget to stand to the basic rules, for examp... | Read More

      • Till_98
      • | Jul 29, 2014
    • One of my better games

      My opponent was over 200 points higher than me, and ususally these guys slaughter every single game, so I was thankful for the way this game went.  My worst move was my last move, which gave up a 2 point lead into a drawn position.  He lost on t... | Read More

      • Romans920
      • | Jul 29, 2014
    • Chess Traps #9: Elephant Trap - Queen's Gambit Declined

      The Elephant Trap is a chess trap for black out of the Queen's Gambit Declined. If white tries to exploit a pinned knight on f6 as early as move 6, they will have fallen for the Elephant Trap. The end result is white loses a minor piece and only h... | Read More

    • Ruy Lopez - Trajković Variation

      Learn how to defend the Ruy Lopez with the Trajković Variation, An alternative to 7...d6. In this line, Black sacrifices a pawn to activate it's pieces.  Subscribe  @ ... | Read More

    • C-Pawns: Asset or Liability? Ha!

      Tense endgame as White leads to a win for me thanks to doubled isolated C-pawns out of a homebrew Rossolimo with a time control of 5/2. Nimzovich is turning in his grave. | Read More

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  • Chess

    • 341 Reads
    • | 341 Reads

    Chess is a game played between two players using 32 pieces (16 each of two distinct colors) on a 64 square board.The earliest known ancestor of modern chess was an Indian game called Chaturanga, where the knight, King and Rooks moved the same but ... Read More »

  • Pawn

    • 37 Reads
    • | 37 Reads

    The new pawn move, advancing two squares on its first move instead of one, was first introduced in Spain in 1280.  Starting a game by making two pawn moves before the opponent moved was common in Germany and Holland up to the 16th century, and st... Read More »

  • Ruy Lopez

    • 1773 Reads
    • | 1773 Reads

    Opening: Ruy Lopez (Spanish)ECO: C60ECO Variations: C60 - C99Type: King's Pawn GamePGN: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5FEN:  r1bqkbnr/pppp1ppp/2n5/1B2p3/4P3/5N2/PPPP1PPP/RNBQK2R b KQkq - 3 3 The Ruy Lopez (also known as the Spanish Opening) is a ches... Read More »

  • En passant

    • 823 Reads
    • | 823 Reads

    En passant (from French: "in passing") is a maneuver in chess which is performed after a player moves a pawn two squares forward from its starting position, and an opposing pawn captures it as if it had only moved one square. En passant may only... Read More »

  • endgame positions

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    • | 0 Reads

    Most endgame positions are tough.You should play easy endgames first.2 rook  or 2 queens are the easiest.More difficult is Q&K mate and the rook and king mate.Even more tough is the pawn and king mate.This is the last and the difficultest par... Read More »