pawn structure

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    • Some Awesome Changes This Way Comes!

      Hi Family, We are making some changes to a few of our regular content schedules / products and I figured the best way to inform you all of how much I love you was in a song (um, blog ). By the way, whatever happened to the days where i... | Read More

    • Hou Yifan vs Sabrina Vega Gutierrez - 41st Chess Olympiad 2014 - Round 10

      This is the round 10 game between the current women's world chess champion, Grandmaster Hou Yifan of China, and International Master Sabrina Vega Gutierrez of Spain. It's from the 41st Chess Olympiad Women's Section 2014 which is held in Tromsø, ... | Read More

    • 2014 Southern Congress 5-SS - Recap of My Games

      Going to go reverse order here, round 5 first, because I think the game was the most interesting/instructive to/for me.  Here are several tactics that were not played in the game.  I won't say "missed" because I "saw" these moves, but they looke... | Read More

      • jminkler
      • | Aug 12, 2014
    • Richárd Rapport vs Alexander Onischuk - 41st Chess Olympiad 2014 - Round 8

      This is the round 8 game between the youngest ever Hungarian chess Grandmaster, Richárd Rapport of Hungary, and the 3rd ranked U.S. player and 2006 U.S. Chess Champion Alexander Onischuk of the United States. It was played at the 41st Chess Olymp... | Read More

    • How to play chess extremely well

      How to play chess extremely well How to play chess really well so that you can achieve a respectable rating or playing ability A grandmaster is an extremely good chess player usually in the top 0.02% of all chess players or found on average 1 ... | Read More

      • | Aug 7, 2014

  • Chess

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    Chess is a game played between two players using 32 pieces (16 each of two distinct colors) on a 64 square board.The earliest known ancestor of modern chess was an Indian game called Chaturanga, where the knight, King and Rooks moved the same but ... Read More »

  • Pawn

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    The new pawn move, advancing two squares on its first move instead of one, was first introduced in Spain in 1280.  Starting a game by making two pawn moves before the opponent moved was common in Germany and Holland up to the 16th century, and st... Read More »

  • Ruy Lopez

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    Opening: Ruy Lopez (Spanish)ECO: C60ECO Variations: C60 - C99Type: King's Pawn GamePGN: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5FEN:  r1bqkbnr/pppp1ppp/2n5/1B2p3/4P3/5N2/PPPP1PPP/RNBQK2R b KQkq - 3 3 The Ruy Lopez (also known as the Spanish Opening) is a ches... Read More »

  • En passant

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    En passant (from French: "in passing") is a maneuver in chess which is performed after a player moves a pawn two squares forward from its starting position, and an opposing pawn captures it as if it had only moved one square. En passant may only... Read More »

  • endgame positions

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    Most endgame positions are tough.You should play easy endgames first.2 rook  or 2 queens are the easiest.More difficult is Q&K mate and the rook and king mate.Even more tough is the pawn and king mate.This is the last and the difficultest par... Read More »