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  • Mementos of Morphy

    Paul Morphy circa 1858      I had come across this blurb in an 1886 edition of the "British Chess Magazine" under the sub-title, "Foreign News" :      The estate of the late Paul Morphy was sold by auction on July 24th, and among th... | Read More

  • Making A Plus In The Petroff

    For a long time, the Petroff Defense (also known as the Russian Defense) has been a very solid weapon in situations where a draw is acceptable for Black. Through the end of the 20th century it featured prominently in top level tournaments, especia... | Read More

  • Clash of Champions: Spassky vs. Petrosian

    For the first time since Alekhine, there was a world champion not named "Botvinnik" who was also not merely renting the title for a year. The Armenian named Tigran Petrosian held the title of world champion, with his unusual, "left-handed" style o... | Read More

  • Readers’ Games, Questions and Comments, Part 7

    GOOD OR BAD? Mordecai10 asked: I have just completed part 1 of your Test Your Chess Understanding articles, and I wasn’t completely satisfied by one aspect of your solutions. In your solution to puzzle 2, you say the following: &lsquo... | Read More

  • The Dominican Order

          In his 1968 book called "The Poor Knight" ("Рыцарь бедный"). Vasily Panov described 23 year old Mikhail Tschigorin walking down Nevsky Prospect, a busy thoroughfare in St. Petersburg, with his friend Fedor discussing chess,... | Read More

    • Boston Boll Weevils lose to Philly (1 – 3)

      (Beat Reporter:Mark LaRocca) Oh, de boll weevil am a little black bug, Come from Mexico, dey say, Come all de way to Boston, Jus' a-lookin' foh a place to stay, Jus' a-lookin' foh a home, Jus' a-lookin' foh a home Just ask any Boll Weevil.... | Read More

    • Favourite openings.

      What's your favourite opening?As white and as black.I would love to hear what you all have to say.My favourite opening as white is Guiko Piano and as black is the Petroff Defense | Read More

      • MDL4
      • | Sep 3, 2015
    • Poisoned pawn in the Petroff defense

      If you want to win more games out of the opening, or if you play the Petroff defense with white or with black or if you want to know what is a poisoned pawn and how to deal with it, then this analysis will help you. On the 25th of July in 2015 I ... | Read More

    • Making a plus in the petroff | Read More

      • F549
      • | Aug 7, 2015
    • An Opening Repetoire against e4

      The Petroff defense d4 and Nxe5 variation | Read More

      • Ronliv
      • | Jul 28, 2015
      • | 1 comment

Video Lessons

  • Petroff's Defence

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    Petroff's Defence (or the Russian Game) arises after: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6    There is an interesting trap where white may blunder his Queen away early in the game after: 3. Nxe5 Qe7 4. Nf3 Nxe4 5. Nc3?? Leads to Nxc3+, and black will win ... Read More »