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  • What's Your Chess Personality?

    There are 64 squares on a chessboard, and many more ways to play the game. We all know the styles of the great world champions: Fischer's relentless accuracy, Petrosian's impregnable defense, Karpov's clean and positional chess, Kasparov's sheer... | Read More

  • Cracked Grandmaster Tales: Polgar vs Silman

    I didn’t intend to write a 4th Cracked Grandmaster Tales article, but so many members asked me to do another that I decided to share a few more (true) stories. I hope you enjoy these as much as you did the others. Be warned: there mig... | Read More

  • Melik Suggests Video Series

    For 10 video lessons, GM Melikset Khachiyan is here to analyze his preferred variations of different openings. Melik is one of our favorite coaches but he is also a world-class player. Our lessons will come from games of his own and his students. ... | Read More

  • More Secrets Of The Soviet Chess School

    In the first part of this article I demonstrated by my own example that the biggest secret of the Soviet school of chess was the utmost motivation of the Soviet players.  We simply had no right to do wrong since the consequence could be ... | Read More

  • Bobby Fischer And The King's Indian Defense

    After Boris Spassky came the most famous chess player ever: Bobby Fischer. Fischer was the world champion with the most limited and consistent opening repertoire. Indeed, Fischer had an attitude that there must be one correct way of playing in e... | Read More

    • Bronstein

      These days I read games of good GM like Petrosian,Bronstein etc and I liked the way Brostein won the end game at this game,this game remember me that  how a benefit is to have a good technigue at the endgame. | Read More

      • dimis283
      • | Nov 25, 2015
    • Salomon Flohr El experto

      Explicandole a Tigran Petrosian                                     Analizando con Max Euwe En virtud de los fantásticos resultados alcanzados en años anteriores, en 1937 la FIDE, con 8 votos en contra 5, oficialmente designa... | Read More

    • [Puzzle] Kasparov vs Petrosian

      | Read More

    • Bobby Fischer para todo el mundo

      Estrella internacional 1963 fue el año que que Fischer afirmó que no participaría en torneos de la FIDE (Federación Internacional de Ajedrez) hasta que las normas fueran de su agrado (consideraba que los Rusos manipulaban la competición, acor... | Read More

    • Bobby Fischer para todo el mundo

      Fischer llegó a ser campeón de una forma poco habitual por la contundencia de victorias. Tras ganar el internacional de Palma de Mallorca en 1970 y batir a Mark Taimanov(6-0), Bent Larsen (6-0) y Tigran Petrosian (6,5-2,5) en los enfrentami... | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Prophylaxis

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    In chess, Prophylaxis means guarding or preventing a move before it is made. A prophylactic move usually haults the opponent from taking action in an area. One example of prophylaxis is, when the king is buried behind a wall of pawns, moving a paw... Read More »

  • Fischer, Robert

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    Robert (Bobby ) Fischer was born in Chicago on March 9, 1943.  He was the 11th world chess champion (1972-1975).  He was the youngest national junior champion (13), the youngest American chess champion ever (14), the youngest grandmaster... Read More »

  • Huebner, Robert

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    Robert Heubner, born Nov 6, 1948, is a German Grandmaster (1971) and strongest German player since World War II.  In 1967 he won the German championship.  In 1971 he was playing in a candidates match with Petrosian when he made a mistake... Read More »

  • Boleslavasky, Isaac

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    Isaak Efremovich Boleslavsky (1919-1977) was a Soviet International Grandmaster (1950) and journalist.   He was born June 19, 1919 in Zolotonosha, in the Ukraine.  He taught himself chess at the age of nine.  In 1936, he took 3... Read More »

  • Petrosian, Tigran Vartanovich

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    Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian (1929-1984) was a Soviet Grandmaster (1952) and 9th world chess champion (1963-1969).  Between 1968 and 1975 he never lost more than a single game in any tournament.  He drew more than half his total gam... Read More »