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  • Let's Get Physickal

         There were a few 19th century London chess players who, although they weren't quite on par with the best, were by no means second-rate players  and made names for themselves both locally and abroad.      One such player was the pr... | Read More

  • Serendipity Leads to Fischer and Beyond

          I had stumbled across the archived "New York Times" obituary notice for Edmar Mednis (February 22, 2002, by Dylan Loeb McClain).  The obit, of course, reviews his life, but pivots on the point that, although Mednis (pictured left in 19... | Read More

  • The Amazing Chess Illusion

    Most people are fascinated by optical illusions. Indeed it is a very strange feeling that what you see with your own eyes is not exactly what it is. This reminds me of the punchline to the old joke that I already mentioned in this article: "who ... | Read More

  • 6 Ways To Beat Magnus Carlsen

    This Sunday (Dec. 14), "10 fortunate members will earn the right to challenge World Champion GM Magnus Carlsen in an online simultaneous exhibition," according to FM Mike Klein's press release. But I wouldn't call them "fortu... | Read More

  • 14 Amazing World Championship Blunders, Part 3

    Before we continue our "hit parade" of blunders, I'd like to thank our readers (and especially FritsFritschy) for their active participation in our discussion about the historic "blunder" in the first game of the Spassky-Fischer match that we... | Read More

    • I Remember Bobby

      My brother and I had a board set up in the same position as Fischer and Spassky’s in far away Reykjavik that summer of ’72.  We sat mesmerized for hours every day, our attention divided equal parts between the board and the endearingly goofy ... | Read More

      • KTZ1
      • | Jan 18, 2015
    • Finding Jennifer

      I am asking for help from everyone or anyone. All it takes is for you to click the "share" button. If you know anything, if this rings any bells of people close to you or in your church or stories you have heard, please contact me at FindingJennif... | Read More

    • Attempting Deliberate Practice

      I was away over the holiday and became ill, this slowed down my enthusiasm to train for the upcoming tournament on the  weekend of January 10th and 11th.  Despite these life obstacles, I still managed to continue my quest of creating more Cornel... | Read More


      Rule changes[edit] There have been no recent changes to the moves of the pieces, but the wording of some rules were changed. Publicity (e.g. by chess problem setters) showed that the old wording of two rules allowed unintended types of moves: The... | Read More

      • srisarans
      • | Dec 30, 2014
    • تبلت 7 اینچی سیمکارتخور پیرگاردین

      خرید تبلت 7 اینچی سیمکارتخور پیرگاردین مدل 704 تبلت 2 سیم کارته پیر کاردینتبلت پیر کاردین سیمکارتخور تبلت پیرکاردین 704 با 1سال گارانتی شرک... | Read More

      • pedramkhan
      • | Dec 28, 2014

Video Lessons


  • Agrest, Evgeny

    • 4 Reads
    • | 4 Reads

    Evgeny Agrest, born Aug 15, 1966, is a Grandmaster now living in Sweden (since 1994).  He was born in Belarus.  His FIDE rating is 2592.   In 2003, he won a game from former world champion Ponomariov when Ponomariov’s cel... Read More »

  • Cell phone

    • 6 Reads
    • | 6 Reads

    In 2003, former world champion Ruslan Ponomariov was kicked out of a chess tournament because his cell phone rang during the course of a match.  As per article 13.4 of the laws of chess, he was disqualified when his cell phone rang during a g... Read More »