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    Working on your chess doesn’t have to translate to results solely over the board. Experience in chess can go a long way in applications, university personal statements, and job interviews. However, you have to highlight the right skill... | Read More

  • The 11 Worst Chessboard Photos

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  • Two Gold Medal Winners in Death Match 27

    After a brief summer break,'s Death Match returns less than three days from now with a battle between two gold medal winners.  GM Wang Yue (China, FIDE 2713) will take on GM Aleksandr Lenderman (USA, FIDE 2584) in D... | Read More

  • The 5 Craziest Places to Play Chess

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  • Parting With the Lady: Hanken's Ghost

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    • Bobby Fischer versus 50 players

      Bobby Fischer went on to dominate the chess world. Apr. 12, 1964: U.S. chess champion Bobby Fischer makes move during an exhibition match against 50 players in the Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood. This photo by former staff photographer Steve F... | Read More

    • Agressive Amateur Chess: Intense crisis out of a quiet position

      Just finished a sharp game where I learned a lot :). After some fire I ended up with a rook and 6 pawns against two knights and 4 pawns, enjoy.   To think that a year ago, I always thought endgames are boring :)     The image credit goes ... | Read More

      • ala_
      • | Sep 17, 2014
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    • nice victory with the Ruy Lopez

      on chessgames pictures found here | Read More

      • biffrod
      • | Sep 13, 2014
    • An instructive rapid game

      Hi everyone!   It has been a while since my last post, my apologies for that! I hope that with this new blogpost I find more motivation keep you posted on a more regular base! In my summer holidays I didn't spend too much time on my chess and i... | Read More

      • RobertRis
      • | Sep 12, 2014
    • New top blog 2014

      Body-adapted Wearable Electronics From Google Glass to the Fitbit wristband, wearable technology has generated significant attention over the past year, with most existing devices helping people to better understand their personal health and fitne... | Read More

      • munnu_jain
      • | Sep 8, 2014


  • Torre, Eugene

    • 283 Reads
    • | 283 Reads

    Eugenio "Eugene" Torre, traditionally considered the strongest chess grandmaster the Philippines ever produced, was born in Iloilo City, Philippines on November 4, 1951.  In 1974, the young Torre became Asia’s first grandmaste... Read More »