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  • Reaching GM Potential And Compensation

    Reaching One’s GM Chess Potential member Philippe Silex777 asked: I have been reading your articles for a while now and have a question that I can’t find a satisfying answer to. It’s pretty simple: You wrote books a... | Read More

  • Almost a Champion

         To the chess-players of England the 18th century was just a fading memory.  Philidor had died and Verdoni, a man with a forgotten first name, took up his reins as professional at Parsloe's in London until he himself died in 1804.  At th... | Read More

  • Mr. Bone

    Mr. Bone(Aug. 31, 1810 - Dec. 14, 1874)       William Bone, along with the Rev. Horatio Bolton, is considered to have been one of the two best early English chess problemists.  John Augustus Miles, a problemist (who knew them both and stu... | Read More

  • The Little Chess Village, Part II

     n 1616 Augustus of Brunswick‑Lüneburg, writing as Gustavus Selenus in his work, "Das Schach- oder König-Spiel," tells of his visit to Ströbeck where he encountered three types of chess being played.  One was the Mediæval Chess, which ... | Read More

  • Marathon Games In The Zalakaros Open

    In part one of my series on the Zalakaros Open, I described coming to Hungary and showed the first three games I played in the tournament. Honestly, the tournament didn't have a good start. Not only did I lose with the white pieces against GM Ga... | Read More

    • play and talk

      I am 76 this August. I like to play chess. This group is to find opponents who like 15/30 minutes live chess, using live voice chat. Make my day and please join. robert gawley | Read More

      • finshak
      • | Jul 28, 2015
    • My introduction to chess.

      I learned to play chess in the workplace. It seemed that at my station all I had to do was display a chess set and players would appear like magic! I was never very good at it, but I soon discovered that the comeraderie associated with the game wa... | Read More

      • Hippygator
      • | Jul 27, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • I Love

      I started play chess online since 2009 in other chess website but this website is the best of them i learn here tactics, chess mentor, chess videos and watch playing super GM, IM, FM, NM, and CM.. My game of chess was improved here start... | Read More

      • jrandahn
      • | Jul 26, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • My be leaving

      Hello to call my friends here I just like to say I could close my account here because some one on this site says I am hitting on women on this site and says I have been says things nasty I have not said anything nasty in my life I have a lot of w... | Read More

      • Neil666
      • | Jul 24, 2015
    • My St. Pauli Open Round 4-6

      In round 4 my gameplan was to play it safe in the opening and wait for blunders. I played it too safe though and missed the chance to cash in early. Instead my opponent got a good position and grinded me down. Round five was hard work again even... | Read More

      • A_Tack
      • | Jul 22, 2015

Video Lessons

  • tactis

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    see the tactis whit to play Read More »

  • Scandinavian Defense not always a good opening?

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    it is true! i personally usually play nc6 instead of c6,but in some cases i must play c6. by 9OOO7OOO Read More »


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    A lot of players choose to play the french defence in order to slow down the action in the center and hope to play a quiet position. Ladies and gents, here's how you can go ALL IN against the french, especially in blitz! Read More »


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    The 'touch-move' rule is [particularly] used in live 'face-to-face'-type (OTB [Over The Board]) tournament- and/or match-format play.  Its use is less common in most formats of internet-chess.  It most likely evolved not only from 'formal'-... Read More »

  • Queen's Gambit

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    The Queen's Gambit is the starting position of many respectable chess opening such as the Queen's Gambit Accepted, the Queen's Gambit Declined and the Slav Defence. Black in most cases prefers not to capture the pawn as he cannot keep it without ... Read More »