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  • Move by Move Chess Improvement: Cashing in on your Advantages

    This is the second issue of my column Move by Move Chess Improvement. I would like to thank JeewanAtwal for submitting his game. A lot of players would without thinking play ...h6 to drive away the bishop. Unfortunately, "instan... | Read More

  • SOS - Secrets of Opening Surprises, March 2012

    No time to study opening theory? Shock your opponent with an SOS! With an SOS you deviate early (usually before move 6!) from regular lines in mainstream openings. So you will reach positions you have actually studied without having memorized... | Read More

  • Personal Mona Lisa of GM Nataf

    Grandmaster Igor-Alexandre Nataf is not exactly a household name in the Chess World.  There is no article about him in Wikipedia and according to the FIDE web site his rating never crossed the 2600 mark.  Yet, the game he calls his most beautif... | Read More

  • Me and Chess

    I am writing this really just to talk about my experiances with chess. It's pretty much a biography, but an interesting story. To start, my love of chess didn't really catch on until I was 13. I knew how to play chess before then beca... | Read More

    • Benefits of Slow Chess and World League Play

      I used to be addicted to the one minute and three minute games. However, I noticed that I my ratings were stagnant for years. I took lessons from an excellent teacher.  What I needed to do though was play more slow chess.  Thus,  I started pl... | Read More

      • aksuited
      • | Mar 16, 2015
    • Move by Move Chess Improvement: Are you overthinking yourself?

      I would like to thank SzachowyKrolPolski for this submission. How should White play now? For some reason, White did not play this way and instead played a more "natural" developing move Nf3. I have found that many chess players suffer from th... | Read More

      • linlaoda
      • | Dec 18, 2014
    • Has de la Rosa gone mad?!

      So, this is my position, as black, after 12 moves in a recent game.  I have a White pawn in my pocket and doubled White pawns on the board... And none of my pieces developed! (The note after move 7 was, "hoping to gain some space.") Which sid... | Read More

    • Memorable Game from States 2012

      I still believe that in some aspects, my sophomore year chess is superior to my current level. In a frenzy to remember my old strategies, I needed to find the games from my prime- Sophomore year states. Unfortunately, none of those are in my notat... | Read More

      • teranz0
      • | Dec 25, 2013

      MY LAST YEAR OF USCF OVER THE BOARD CHESS 1973           The end of 1973 ws the time I decided to stop playing USCF over the board chess and to concentrate on my correspondence chess.  The truth is I was very good with enough time to c... | Read More

      • ponz111
      • | Dec 23, 2013

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  • tactis

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    see the tactis whit to play Read More »

  • Carlsen, Magnus

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    Magnus Carlsen, Norwegian child chess prodigy, was born Nov 30, 1990, and gained the Grandmaster title (2004) at the age of 13 years, 4 months and 27 days.   He became the 2nd youngest GM in chess history, behind only  Sergey Karjakin and Pari... Read More »

  • Scandinavian Defense not always a good opening?

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    it is true! i personally usually play nc6 instead of c6,but in some cases i must play c6. by 9OOO7OOO Read More »


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    A lot of players choose to play the french defence in order to slow down the action in the center and hope to play a quiet position. Ladies and gents, here's how you can go ALL IN against the french, especially in blitz! Read More »


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    The 'touch-move' rule is [particularly] used in live 'face-to-face'-type (OTB [Over The Board]) tournament- and/or match-format play.  Its use is less common in most formats of internet-chess.  It most likely evolved not only from 'formal'-... Read More »