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  • The Biggest Secret Of The Soviet Chess School

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    • Simultaneous

      Simultaneous on 10 boards with WGM ADRIANA NIKOLOVA  this Saturday (21.11.2015) at 10:00a.m. (Eastern Europ. Time) GMT+2 hours Anyone who wishes to participate should write me personal message and I must be in your friends list. The time contr... | Read More

    • Mate in Two puzzles

      Here  are some mate in two puzzles gleened from a book by Polgar.  White to move. | Read More

      • flatseven
      • | Nov 15, 2015
    • Hou Yifan in Conversation with Domimic Lawson

      English Chess Federation Published by Mark Jordan · 8 November at 18:01 · Edited ·  HOU YIFAN AND DOMINIC LAWSON IN CONVERSATION Monday 25 October The China Exchange is a charity based in Gerrard Street, London, in t... | Read More

      • Anarchos61
      • | Nov 12, 2015
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    • Carlsen vs Polgar

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      • verizondsl
      • | Nov 11, 2015
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    • Checkmates of the day 12

      The talented russian grandmaster Sergey Karjakin beat Top US player Gata Kamsky in 2008 in the Tal memorial blitz tournament: White to move and checkmates in 1 The best azeri player Teimour Radjabov checkmated the world's best woman player Jud... | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Judit Polgar vs Vishwanathan anand

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    I shall show you a spectacular game between Judit Polgar and Vishwanthan Anand in 1999.  Read More »

  • Polgar, Susan

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    Susan Polgar, born Zsuzsanna Polgar in Budapest, Hungary, was the oldest of three sisters, Judit and Sophia Polgar. She discovered the game purely by accident when she was not quite four years old. She had been rummaging around in a closet looking... Read More »

  • Gulko, Boris

    • 14 Reads
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    Boris Gulko, born Feb 9, 1947 in Germany, is a Grandmaster (1976) and former Soviet champion (1977).  In 1974, he won the Moscow championship.   He tried to emigrate from the Soviet Union for over 7 years and was finally allowe... Read More »

  • Simultaneous play

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    • | 10 Reads

    Karl Podzielny played 575 games simultaneously in 1978.  In 30 1/2 hours he  won 533 , drew 27, and lost 15.  Vlastimil Hort played 550 opponents, 201 simultaneously, and lost only 10 games in 1977.  The best record for simulta... Read More »

  • Grandmaster

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    • | 35 Reads

    First used in connection with chess as a player of highest class in 1838.  On February 18, 1838, the London newspaper Bell’s Life published a letter by a reader to award the title of Grandmaster to William Lewis.   The title o... Read More »