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      One of the keys to chess improvement is the habit to analyse your own games (see image, published by Chessbase). Those who do this will sometimes want to share their work with others, or just save it for future reference. The most universal file f... | Read More

      • Schemato
      • | Nov 17, 2015
    • premium membership

      hello! I WANT premium membership badly but i dont have a credit card! i can send by post but currently iam in india and it takes months to reach chess.coM! IS THERE any other way to get premium membership? OR is there any other way to get free mem... | Read More

      • spaceball2
      • | Nov 14, 2015
    • Gain Rating Points in Online Chess, Guaranteed

      OK, so like most chessplayers, you aspire to have a rating in Online Chess that doesn't reflect your genuine aptitude for the game.  Surely, you think, there must be some tricks that don't involve, you know, finding good moves.  Well, grasshoppe... | Read More

      • OBIT
      • | Oct 24, 2015
    • not everyone can afford Premium!

      I newly signed up to And my experience with the site has been great. I want to have the best possible free experience, since I can´t really afford the heavy pricetag for a premiumship. Don´t get me wrong, i don´t crave to have the sa... | Read More

      • online2424
      • | Oct 10, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • Towards Stronger Game

      Some days ago I decided to start playing chess again after some years break. After I got some experience about chess on here,, I went a bit further. I promised myself to be as strong player as possible, and this lead me to think about ho... | Read More

      • Alasre
      • | Sep 25, 2015