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  • Play Magnus App Review

    Review by Christine VanCott Play Magnus is a free chess smartphone app available for Apple iOS (and recently) Android. It includes 99 game levels, training videos, and an interactive tournament feature. The app runs quickly ... | Read More

  • University's College-like Chess Courses University's courses offer a college-like chess learning experience. Unlike in University seminars, only 10% to 15% of instruction in courses is delivered live. Previously taught courses are available in the independent-study f... | Read More

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    This week celebrates its 7-year-anniversary, and we've got something for you! We're offering a 30% discount on our magazine The Master's Bulletin, which offers 40 pages each month with articles on openings, middlegame and endgame as well... | Read More

  • Affiliate Program for Partners of

    Do you maintain an active, well received blog somewhere on the web that's not on Do you have your own chess website where you promote yourself for lessons, products, etc? Are you the manager of a club or organization that maintains a ... | Read More

  • You can and will improve your chess play!

    It is my goal to give back to the chess world every single bit of knowledge I have acquired about the game, without exception. Chess has been a major part of my life and it's time for me to share. How can you be a part of this? Please read on for ... | Read More

    • Learning to Play Chess: First USCF Rated Event

      This weekend I was able to compete in my first ever USCF Rated Event. It was called the Quad 45, and was 3 rounds of 45/5 games. I was excited to see what competitive chess was all about, and it was fun to get to play in a serious environment. My... | Read More

    • I am excited for V3!

      Hey Guys! I've seen many of you posting about Version 3 (v3) in the official blog post! Some of you are not big fans of what v3 will look like, about some features being removed and also about the idea of re-learning all over... | Read More

      • ChessKingT
      • | Feb 12, 2015
    • how to play chess for beginners

      play at only and buy premium membership,like i did before | Read More

      • johnhao99
      • | Jan 31, 2015
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    • Like

        Yes, you can become a chess master, here's how: part 1 NM aww-rats | Nov 3, 2014 at 6:11 PM | Posted in: aww-rats's Blog | 3006 reads | 15 comments I've been touting how to become a chess master it for 2.5 years on YouTube, summarized in 37 mi... | Read More

      • mahimajain
      • | Jan 30, 2015
    • Parallels between the Classical Music and the Chess scene.

      A good chess playing friend of mine, Dr Jeevarajah Nithiananthan is an accomplished pianist as well.  Hence, he has a very good idea of the Classical Music scene /circuit as he still does the occasional piano performance for schools and other fun... | Read More

      • juniortay
      • | Jan 22, 2015