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  • The Master's Bulletin: 30% OFF - Your Last Chance!

    This week celebrates its 7-year-anniversary, and we've got something for you! We're offering a 30% discount on our magazine The Master's Bulletin, which offers 40 pages each month with articles on openings, middlegame and endgame as well... | Read More

  • Affiliate Program for Partners of

    Do you maintain an active, well received blog somewhere on the web that's not on Do you have your own chess website where you promote yourself for lessons, products, etc? Are you the manager of a club or organization that maintains a ... | Read More

  • You can and will improve your chess play!

    It is my goal to give back to the chess world every single bit of knowledge I have acquired about the game, without exception. Chess has been a major part of my life and it's time for me to share. How can you be a part of this? Please read on for ... | Read More

  • Chess Tactics – Definitions and Examples

    Tags allow us to label each puzzle in Tactics Trainer with one or more tactical motifs (types of tactics) commonly encountered in chess. Understanding these motifs will help you recognize tactical patterns - both in Trainer, and in your actual gam... | Read More

  • Must-know: Middlegame

    Just like I promised last week, this time we will talk about the middlegame. The middlegame is the main stage of the game. Studying this part of chess is essential to understanding concepts such as weak squares, a strong center, open files, the ar... | Read More

    • The Magical Mystery Tour

      Watch my right hand...while my left picks your pocket. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g... | Read More

      • kboyer309
      • | Jul 15, 2014
    • Grup GM Utut Adianto Fans (UAFs) Gelar Turnamen HUT RI Ke-69 Tahun 2014

      Latar Belakang Dalam rangka turut memeriahkan peringatan HUT NKRI Ke-69 Tahun 2014, grup GM Utut Adianto Fans (UAFs) akan menggelar turnamen catur online non-master berhadiah (alakadarnya). Turnamen ini juga dimaksudkan untuk mempererat pertemana... | Read More

      • Nawa607
      • | Jul 1, 2014
    • My First victory in Tournament!

       I join the Tournament in 15|10 Standard i give all that i got in my training in Live Chess. The tournament was fun and enjoyable I learn a lot from it and encourage me more to participate in that event every week. I am only a free member not a p... | Read More

      • StreakPawn
      • | Jun 14, 2014
    • Start of a new blog...

      Hey everyone! My name is Andy McDonald, 25 from York in the UK. In early april i decided to take up playing chess, a game that i knew little about other than the handful of games i played as a child and got hooked. was my first port of ... | Read More

    • How to beat Computer4-Impossible

      Many of you who play on the live chess server will be familiar with the metal monstrosity known as Computer4-Impossible. You may have witnessed the destruction first hand, or have watched titled players like myself falter game after game to our nu... | Read More

      • Spinaltap
      • | Jun 6, 2014