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Location: United States
Joined: 8/27/09
Last Online: 9/2/09
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    • My first game against CM Kingscrusher

      Just played in a King's Gambit thematic blitz tourney and met the famous CM KC on the chessboard. My opening was pretty bad but I got a promising position in the end, and then lost on time (Note: I don't use premove). Just wanted to share this g... | Read More

      • achja
      • | Aug 9, 2015
    • bugged live chess... still and again

      so to provide commentary-i mated my opponent by pre-move(which takes 1 second to make in here which is ridiculous) and yet i lost the game. What the hell?!mate > time another case of the same thing | Read More

    • The lags are killing any wish to play live chess here.

      The lags are killing any wish to play live chess here. What the hell? Why even setting a premove or a couple of them I have no time? This is nonsense!  | Read More

    • Bullet chess - 4 in a row

      I do hardly play any bullet chess, but this week I played a few bullet chess games. I'm going to show a few and annotate them. ... Say What ?!?!?!  Yes  I will show some annotated bullet chess games. Because bullet chess doesn't have to be ... | Read More

      • achja
      • | May 3, 2015
    • Out of 1500+ elite in bullet because of slow play, bad connect and cheaters.

      Well, what could I say? The most of those win in games with me are just mouse-racers from countries where the  Internet is faster and more stable than here. Yes, I play rather slow but I refuse to belive that a living being could play a move ... | Read More