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Location: United States
Joined: 8/27/09
Last Online: 9/2/09
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    • Out of 1500+ elite in bullet because of slow play, bad connect and cheaters.

      Well, what could I say? The most of those win in games with me are just mouse-racers from countries where the  Internet is faster and more stable than here. Yes, I play rather slow but I refuse to belive that a living being could play a move ... | Read More

    • So i'm a pig ?! goodbye !

      Really i don't mind if this society goes to hell. i've seen all that happening once before. But what i do mind that people don't have any decorum. What am I talking about you ask ? Swearing and insulting. This week 5 times. And it all started when... | Read More

      • nynomatica
      • | Jan 26, 2015

      Blitz chess is slightly slower than bullet, but faster than standard. Most people who play blitz play a 3|0 or a 5|0 just because it's fast, but you actually can think about your moves. Anyways, here are some tips on playing blitz. 1) DO NOT RUS... | Read More

    • 1 Min Games

      one minute games are such a delight you learn to block you learn to fight  quickly and when the final clock shakes twenty premoves my friend is your best friend For Victory! Indeed | Read More

    • lebesgue 72vs. PETERM22: Sicilian defense with c4

      Hi everyone! This is a game I played earlier today. I played a c4 move in the sicilian, which puts more control over the d5 square. However, I don't know if it's worth to do this at the expense of making it much more difficult for the white minor ... | Read More

      • lebesgue72
      • | Dec 25, 2014