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  • Alexander Alekhine (Part 7): The Dark Years

    In Part Six of this seven-part series, we saw Alekhine lose the World Championship to Max Euwe in 1935, only to win it back in 1937.  After shocking the world (and Euwe, who was sure he would finish Alekhine off once and for all) with that ep... | Read More

  • Alexander Alekhine (Part 6): His Worst “Combination” – Age + Booze

    As we saw, Alekhine reached his ultimate prime in 1930 and 1931. For a few years after that, he was still clearly the world’s best player, but the march of time and the wrath of alcohol took more and more out of him - though everyone still v... | Read More

  • When a Loser Becomes a Winner

    There are chess games that have their own names. Everyone knows the 'Evergreen Game', the 'Immortal Game', the 'Opera Game', etc. We enjoy the genius and tactical skills of the winners and their names are engraved in the Golden Book of Chess. But ... | Read More

  • A Farewell!

    My favorite writer Hemingway, in his excellent "Moveable Feast," wrote about starting a day of writing: "All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know." This advice came to my mind as I neared the time to... | Read More

  • The Sicilian Hole

    Many openings (especially when you play Black) have specific strategical problems typical for that particular opening. If you play the French Defense, then the bishop on c8 is your constant headache. In the Tarrasch Defense you need to live with a... | Read More

    • Chess Resources

      Chess Resources: It seems that I am not able to publish the links to these places/resources (which is annoying).  I apologize!!  But you can google based on what I've provided to find and use them! Engines/Programs: stockfish [engine/ de... | Read More

    • TV is in the first days of rolling out a new and exciting product: internet chess television. Last Monday, we had our first test broadcast with the community invited to watch live. Erik gave a short message to the community, and t... | Read More

    • A Chess Movie Experience: My Role in Life of a King

      Me [probably speaking louder than I should]: "Hey, he's talking about the bishop but he's holding a rook!?" Director [whispering]: "What?" [waves hand dismissively] Me [definitely too loud]: "He's holding the wrong piece. I think we should cu... | Read More

    • Best of 2013

      In this blog I will make a throw-back to the 2013. I chose 3 best games I've played in 2013, tried to annotate them a bit. Maybe it's also worthy to say that I also managed to play against GM Jure Škoberne in a simul a few months ago and it was a... | Read More

      • MSC157
      • | Jan 3, 2014
    • A Lesson in Openings

      "If you defend your opponents threat by developing a piece it doesn't lose a tempo." - David Pruess, Development Part 3: Fluid Positions Example: 11. Rb3 in the game below.   | Read More

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