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  • Tactics Or Positional Play? The Ladies Return!

    I’ve long insisted that the best way to improve (aside from playing stronger players) is to look at reams of master games. Most games between titled players have some important lesson hiding behind the moves, and I decided to make it easy fo... | Read More

  • Game Of Thrones Or Chess Puzzles?

    IM Daniel Rensch has tried live daily puzzle sessions before, racing against the clock to complete chess tactics before the timer expires. But even Chess.com’s master tactics trainer hasn’t attempted anything like this. This Sunday... | Read More

  • Tactics Or Positional Play? The Ladies Teach Chess

    I’ve long insisted that the best way to improve (aside from playing stronger players) is to look at reams of master games. Most games between titled players have some important lesson hiding behind the moves, and I decided to make it easy fo... | Read More

  • Classic Combinations: The Good Old Days

    This series is all about attacking chess and combinations and fun. And all of them are in puzzle form (some easy, some difficult) so you can see how your tactical IQ stands up to the old, sometimes forgotten greats. And, if you learn a tiny b... | Read More

  • The 7 Best Upcoming Chess.com Events

    Chess fans have a lot to look forward to at Chess.com. If you like big-time chess events, you're going to love this spring.  Yesterday, a charity fundraising simul hosted by world-number-nine GM Anish Giri online on Chess.com's live serve... | Read More

    • More tactics training

      Today I read about a new tactics training website [1] from chessbase, and I decided to try it right away. At first sight it looks nice. A pleasant chessboard and ready to solve the first puzzle, whether registered/joined or not. Having tried it ... | Read More

      • achja
      • | May 29, 2015
    • Another method to reach 2000 USCF, Part 5: Tactics

      Now let's discuss how to improve your tactics to the level needed for a 2000 player. In principle I agree with de la Maza and others. I want to make an important distinction here between tactical sight and combinational vision. You don't need to... | Read More

    • Disagreeing with Silman: The argument against studying master games

      Before I say anything, I want to start by saying that I deeply respect IM Jeremy Silman as he was instrumental to my chess development very early. His works How to Reassess your Chess and Reassess your Chess workbook helped to make me think critic... | Read More

      • linlaoda
      • | May 27, 2015
    • I am 2200!!! BELIEVE IT!!!!!

      After hours of hard work at tactics problems I am finally 2200 in Tactics Trainer!  Only two days have passed since making the goal to move up in the world from 2000 to 2350 in Tactics Trainer by the end of 2016 and I'm already more than half of... | Read More

      • RealS3
      • | May 26, 2015
    • Review of the seventh simul or Closing Ceremony

      Hi everyone! So, 7th simul with awards which was at Sunday, May 24, was successful for me. According to the claimed regulations I can't give a prize to someone, but I will be upset if my idea about awarding will not be realized. A fortiori, all ... | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Mating Net

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    This article is in relation to Mating Patterns Parts 1 and 2. If you didn't read those yet, please do so before reading this. When you are attacking your opponent's king, the normal reaction is to check as much as possible. It gives you a feeling... Read More »

  • Mating Patterns Part 2

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    Have you read Chessking47's (CK47's) article named Mating Patterns? If not, please head over there and solve the puzzles. I would've have never knew this if it weren't for IM Silman! First, I left off with Legall's Mate, so I will do Morphy's Mat... Read More »

  • Puzzles

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    some good puzzles   oh and for the one above there are other variations some including interesting mates Read More »

  • Polgar, Susan

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    Susan Polgar, born Zsuzsanna Polgar in Budapest, Hungary, was the oldest of three sisters, Judit and Sophia Polgar. She discovered the game purely by accident when she was not quite four years old. She had been rummaging around in a closet looking... Read More »

  • Loyd, Sam

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    • | 4 Reads

    Sam Loyd (1841-1911) was the most famous American chess composer.  He was 14 when his first chess problem was published by a New York newspaper.  As a 16 year old, he served with Paul Morphy as a contributor to Chess Monthly.  When ... Read More »