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  • How to Steal a Chess Game

    All chess players, whether they're GMs or novices, have bad days. However, chess is not a cumulative game — one blunder, one moment of premature relaxation —  can instantly nullify hours of hard work. A few months... | Read More

  • Clash of Champions: Petrosian vs. Botvinnik

    Mikhail Tal had come and gone; the older Mikhail (Botvinnik) was still on the throne of chess. But in 1963, another archetypal chess player which had heretofore not been seen made his appearance. Tigran Petrosian was born in 1929 in Tbilisi, Geo... | Read More

  • My Favorite Classic Games, Part 1

    When discussing great games, many chess fans always think of slashing attacks and outrageous combinations. While every world-class player tossed out more than a few epic combinations at some point in his career, positional masterpieces are far har... | Read More

  • How to Hypnotize Your Opponents!

    The recently finished Sinquefield Cup is going to attract chess players' attention for a long time. Mostly, chess analysts will concentrate their efforts trying to explain the phenomenal result of Fabiano Caruana. You can read my version here.&nbs... | Read More

  • How to Win Equal Positions

    Through the years, I've heard quite a few players claim that having an equal position against a stronger player is pure torture. Even though you might be playing for a win, once a desirable result is close at hand, it becomes tempting to overestim... | Read More

    • Baltimore Kingfishers' 2014 Week 5 Preview

      Baltimore Kingfishers vs. Manhattan Applesauce GM Akshayraj Kore (2543) - GM Robert Hungaski (2551) IM Levan Bregadze (2530) - FM Andrew Shvartsman (2432) IM Tegshsuren Enkhbat (2450) - FM Rico Salimbagat (2286) NM Mark Ashland (2068) - NM Lev... | Read More

    • Continental Open 2014, Round 2, Planting Bad Seed

            Continental Open 2014, Round 2, Reed, Harvey v Moshkevich, Elizabeth (0-1) Summary blog for tournament is here: http://www.chess.com/blog/hreedwork/continental-open-2014-summary This is a game where White plants bad seeds early. A... | Read More

      • hreedwork
      • | Sep 21, 2014
    • Why I love poker

      Hold'em No Limit ($0.10/$0.25 USD) Table 'Ariadne' 9-max Hero gets [Qs Qh] 2 folds to Hero  Hero raises $1 to $1.25   2 folds _Prinsesse_7 ($21.21) calls $1.25 2 folds   *** FLOP *** [6d Qc Jd]   Hero bets $2.25 _Prinsesse_7 raises $7... | Read More

    • 2014 Week 4 Review: Atlanta Kings vs. Baltimore Kingfishers

      Atlanta Kings vs. Baltimore Kingfishers 0.5-3.5 IM Carlos Perdomo (2400) - IM Tanguy Ringoir (2583) 0-1 View Game NM Damir Studen (2372) - IM Levan Bregadze (2530) 0-1 View Game NM Richard Francisco (2382) - NM Jared Defibaugh (2325) 0-1 View G... | Read More

    • La Joueuse ( Queen to Play)

      A chat today in my  group notes about kevin klein brought me back 3 years. It will be 3 years ago I watched this french film  La joueuse. English translation "Queen To Play".  Up until that time my only experience with chess was being around p... | Read More

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  • Swallow's Tail Mate

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    Hi! Swallow's Tail mate is a rare mating pattern. It happens when a king is mated , usually because of a queen. 2 other friendly pieces block off potential escape squares. It is quite a simple but strange mate. Hope you had fun reading, and enjo... Read More »

  • Chess

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    Chess is a game played between two players using 32 pieces (16 each of two distinct colors) on a 64 square board.The earliest known ancestor of modern chess was an Indian game called Chaturanga, where the knight, King and Rooks moved the same but ... Read More »

  • Fool's Mate

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    Fool's mate, also known as the "two-move checkmate," is the quickest possible checkmate in the game of chess. One example consists of the moves leading to the position shown... There are eight slight variations on the pattern — White might p... Read More »

  • mating combinations

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    More violence in this page of chessopedia,(a game of chess)as you learn some more ways of killing the enemy king.Most of these ideas involve sacrifices,and very often, queen sacrifices. when you attack the enemy king in a way that you let him esc... Read More »

  • pin; a way to win

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    Pins are a way to win because the piece checks the king and the knight, bishop, rook or queen can block it.This is a severe weakness becase if  the pinner is less valueable than the blocker,the pinner can capture the blocker and get a bigger va... Read More »