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  • The Positional Queen Sacrifice

    Alone together. Foolish wisdom. Cruel kindness. Arrogant humility. All of these phrases are oxymorons, "combination of words that have opposite or very different meanings."  The title of this article seems to fit this definition to the lett... | Read More

  • Sac A Queen To Find A Mate! A Love Story Video Series

    We all have terrible ideas now and then. Typically, they stem from the crazy urge to sacrifice a piece. Even the best of the best can’t always resist. In fact, this series will pay tribute to those special moments when the game's most powerf... | Read More

  • Louis Paulsen II

         I'd written about Paulsen several times in different places. HERE is my article at Chess.com of which I'll consider this an extension.      Why write more on Louis Paulsen?  I am fascinated with the 19th century and chess during th... | Read More

  • The King Hunt, Revealed

    To me, the term king hunt invariably conjures up an image of a bygone era, when chess was played over coffee and cigars at the Café de la Régence. With defensive tenacity largely considered a hindrance to the game's beauty, spec... | Read More

  • The Two Rook Endings You Must Know

    The study of theoretical endgames is a necessary evil. For most players, it is a rather torturous experience simply because there is no room for innovation or creativity. However, as any strong gandmaster will tell you, there are several th... | Read More

    • 2 GM queen sacs for the price of 1

      This week features the Max Euwe Matches in Amsterdam. The Max Euwe Center (MEC) organized 4 matches where young promising chess players would play against GMs. For the young players this was a nice chance to gain more experience. From the games ... | Read More

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      • | Nov 15, 2015
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    • Opposite Colored Bishops in the Middlegame

      Hello Chess Fans,   A middlegame with Bishops of Opposite Color (BOC) is one of the sharpest middlegames. A mistake can swing the game one way or another and hinges on your understanding of the position you're playing.  How to utilize their un... | Read More

    • Queen sacrifices

      Some games in which we see queen sacrifices. Amazing! | Read More

    • Balance Out Your Chess (Part I: Opening and Endgame)

      All great players are not always known for being good at all parts of the game, but they are. Mikhail Tal is known for his amazing imaginative attacking/sacrificial games, but was also very adept at the endgame. Anatoly Karpov was very well known ... | Read More

      • CraiggoryC
      • | Sep 28, 2015
    • A beautiful winning combination

      This game's winning combination was just a beautiful work of art, a Queen sacrifice not accepted and still and nevertheless the game ends with a checkmate/resignation. I am proud of myself for making sacrifice my daily practice ie integral part of... | Read More

  • Chess tips

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    You always want to improve your game. Here are 5 simple and easy chess tips. 1 Attack with all your pieces 2 don't bring out your queen too early 3 Take your time 4 Don't play odd moves to confuse the other player unless you are 100 percent su... Read More »

  • Chess games

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    I know this won't help you learn more but it might be nice to look at game. I made these games all up okay? And I am not perfect so feel free to point out a mistake   That was pretty exiting?!? Just don't move your Queen to early. Read More »

  • Queens Knight Defense

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    The Queen's Knight Defense (also known as the Nimzowitsch Queen Pawn Defence or Bogoljubow–Mikenas Defense) is a chess opening defined by the moves: 1. d4 Nc6Unless the game transposes to another opening, the Encyclopedia of Chess Op... Read More »

  • Queens Pawn Game

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    In the most general sense the term Queen's Pawn Game can refer to any chess opening which starts with the move 1.d4. It is the second most popular opening move after 1.e4. The name is usually used to describe openings beginning with 1.d4 wher... Read More »

  • Saragossa Opening

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    The Saragossa Opening (or Hempel's Opening) is a chess opening defined by the opening move: 1. c3Since White usually plays more aggressively in the opening, the Saragossa is considered an irregular opening, classified as A00 by theEncyclop... Read More »