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  • 5 Openings To Learn In 2015

    A new calendar year, for many people, means a chance for a new beginning. January is a month to consider new possibilities, to improve yourself, and to make a fresh plan for the upcoming year. In many ways, a new year is like a chessboard in t... | Read More

  • Can You Solve Our 2014 Holiday Puzzler?

    Your favorite holiday chess tradition is back!  Chess.com is proud to celebrate the holiday season with an all-new puzzler quiz for 2014. UPDATE:  The 2014 Holiday Puzzler has ended. Thanks to all who played and commented.  O... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman May 30, 2014

    1."If we partition your chess strength (or improvement) into two broad classes, what portion is knowledge (opening moves, endgame positions, tactical positions, principles) vs. abilities/skills (analysis, evaluation, time management, criticalit... | Read More

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #37 - Which Piece Are You?

    Professor: Good afternoon, class. Just seeing your smiling faces makes my day. Zephyr: It makes your day? That sounds like a quote from an old Dirty Harry movie. Lucian: Why? Does Clint Eastwood play chess in those movies? Professor: I d... | Read More

  • When a Loser Becomes a Winner

    There are chess games that have their own names. Everyone knows the 'Evergreen Game', the 'Immortal Game', the 'Opera Game', etc. We enjoy the genius and tactical skills of the winners and their names are engraved in the Golden Book of Chess. But ... | Read More

    • Nota : Psicología de los errores típicos del ajedrecista

          Psicología de los errores típicos del ajedrecistaMaría de Las Nieves Morales Cardoso, Licenciada en Psicología   (...) Existen múltiples géneros de la literatura ajedrecística: manuales de apertura, tratado del medio juego y fin... | Read More

    • Campeonato Mundial de Ajedrez, Interzonales

      En mi opinión, la mayoría de las personas que les gusta el ajedrez competitivo, en algún momento pensaron en la posibilidad de volverse campeones, primero escolares, regionales, nacionales, y porque no mundiales.   Pero ¿Cómo hace uno para... | Read More

      • AjedrezHN
      • | Mar 19, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • Jugadores de Honduras, José Guillén

      Luego de terminar el campeonato nacional, me encontré con un amigo del ajedrez que no miraba en varios años, y estuvimos hablando del nacional y otras cosas, en un momento dado me preguntó quién era el mejor jugador de ajedrez de Honduras, y s... | Read More

      • AjedrezHN
      • | Mar 16, 2015
    • Special training offer! NEW: stencils with exercises

      Since the foundation of the Amsterdam Chess Academy I have been busy training the most promising youngsters in the region. Hence, I felt the urge of extending my training material by creating new stencils with diagrams, analytical exercises, game ... | Read More

      • RobertRis
      • | Mar 13, 2015
    • Tiempo de Resistir - Mal Pasar

        La humillacion ¿Cómo poder salir de todas las miserias? ¿Cómo poder vivir sin plata y endeudado? Votar a un cerdo que se caga en quienes lo votaron, habrá que hundirles sus cabezas. Los empresarios se saludan en sus ministerio... | Read More

      • Jaketxelo
      • | Mar 9, 2015

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