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  • Pfc. Seidman

              Despite the War, the 1940s were an exciting time in American chess, especially in New York.  The USCF, newly formed, still seemed vibrant and "Chess Review,"  Horowitz' somewhat self-serving periodical, reflected the vivacious... | Read More

  • The Master’s Bulletin, November 2014

    SUBSCRIBE HERE --> (You can find the Master's Bulletin archive here) Peter’s Chess Vibes Gelfand the Great There was one top GM who played the Baku Grand Prix, the Tashkent Grand Prix ánd the Petrosian Memorial (Novemb... | Read More

  • Fire on the Boards in Tromso

    Hi guys, From August 1st through the 14th - the Chess Olympiad will be going on in Tromso, Norway So far, almost two rounds are completed, and there have been some blunders, time trouble, and some amazing tactical games Blunders If playing the... | Read More

  • A New Yorker and a Nomad to Contest Death Match 25

    At the age of 17, GM Boris Avrukh moved from Kazakhstan to Israel. Next month, he will move thousands of miles again, this time to the U.S. IM Yaacov Norowitz's big move? New York to New Jersey. Despite the oceans of difference, the two will conte... | Read More

  • Chess and Music

    Hello, and welcome to my first article for chess.com.  Given that I'm not a professional chess player (far from it) and that my actual occupation is in music it was easy to decide upon the subject of music and chess, especially as there's been so... | Read More

    • Power in Check: chess n US Presidency

      Chess has influenced the American presidency since the administration of George Washington. While a game replete with Kings and Queens might at first seem antithetical to democratic leadership, commanders-in-chief have continually appreciated ches... | Read More

    • Proposal Jordania tidak di dukung

      Presiden Palestina Mahmoud Abbas setelah kematian mentrinya oleh pasukan Israel mendesak digelarnya pemungutan suara atau voting dewan keamanan PBB tentang resolusi mengakhiri pendudukan Israel di teritorial Palestina,Rabu (17/12). Desakan itu din... | Read More

    • Checkmates of the day - 12.17.2014 - day 7

      The first game was played in 2007 in Moscow in the Blitz World Championship between Alexander Morozevich and World Champion Vladimir Kramnik. Black to move and checkmates in 1 The next puzzle will be a special one, because white has a queen an... | Read More

    • 60+ years in chess last part chess on this site

      As i told already i am a premium member on this site on chess24 and chessgames .com , My reason for joining was to rehash my oppenings and also to learn new things. This site is very good for someone like  me . Ifsomeone  wonders why my tactics ... | Read More

      • ralph46
      • | Dec 14, 2014
    • 60+ years playing chess chess in ISRAEL

      in the beginning of 1986  i moved from SWEDEN to ISRAEL and since than i live there . I joyned the KFAR SABA  chess club and since than i am a mmember of it from 86 to about 92  i used to play  lotsof OTB games  one year i won the NETANYA cit... | Read More

      • ralph46
      • | Dec 12, 2014
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