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  • A New Yorker and a Nomad to Contest Death Match 25

    At the age of 17, GM Boris Avrukh moved from Kazakhstan to Israel. Next month, he will move thousands of miles again, this time to the U.S. IM Yaacov Norowitz's big move? New York to New Jersey. Despite the oceans of difference, the two will conte... | Read More

  • Chess and Music

    Hello, and welcome to my first article for chess.com.  Given that I'm not a professional chess player (far from it) and that my actual occupation is in music it was easy to decide upon the subject of music and chess, especially as there's been so... | Read More

  • The First U.S. Women Champion - Mona May Karff

         If you look on Wikipedia, or for that matter on almost any website that mentions it, including the official USCF website and the site of the US Chess Trust,  You will notice that all these places honor Adele Rivero as the first officia... | Read More

  • Hannibal Lecter Presents: Readers' Questions

    Due to the crash of my website email address (which has finally been fixed), I didn’t look at my business letters for a month and a half. There were about 60 waiting for me. One was from a guy that wanted me to give him a study program that feat... | Read More

  • European Team Chess Championship Round 4

    Hi all! I come back with team results of European Team Chess Championship after round 4. You can see here: France-Czech Republic 2½-1½, Azerbaijan-Hungary 2-2, Grece Georgia 2-2, Ukraine-Armenia 3-1, Croatia-Israel 2-2, Turkey-Belarus 1½-2½,... | Read More

    • Israel warns Gazans around Gaza City to leave

      The Israeli army has warned thousands of Palestinians living near Gaza City to leave their homes, as Tel Aviv threatens to escalate its war on the besieged Gaza Strip. A statement from the army said on Monday that phone calls were made and text... | Read More

    • Palestinians will avenge death of martyrs: Iran general

        A senior Iranian military commander says Palestinians are determined to avenge the deaths of their countrymen killed in recent Israeli strikes. “We will chase you house by house and will avenge every drop of blood [shed from] our marty... | Read More

    • Death toll from Israeli attacks on Gaza hits 830

      Latest figures show the death toll from fresh Israeli aerial and ground attacks against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip has risen to at least 830. Several Palestinians were killed after Israeli warplanes and tanks targeted residential... | Read More

    • My Lord I am rusty, but... that doesn't mean I can't win.

      It's been a while since I've written a blog, and a lot has changed. My last blog post was about breaking the 2000 barrier, and this new one is on rustyness. (http://www.chess.com/blog/SuperJudenSauce/my-best-israel-games-breaking-the-2000-barrier)... | Read More

    • ranking of top 102 players by country

      1.Russia 24 2.Ukraine 10 3.China 7 4.France 6 5.UK 5 Hungary 5 6.Armenia 4 USA 4 7.India 3 Cuba 3 Netherlands 3 Azerbaijan 3 8.Bulgaria 2 Israel 2 Poland 2 Czech 2 Germany 2 9.Norway,Italy,Philippines,Georgia,Vietnam,Latvia,Uzbeki... | Read More

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