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    • Analysis of a Reddit Game

      This game was arranged on Reddit. http://www.reddit.com/r/chess/comments/2hi3h0/im_a_low_ranked_player_looking_for_a_high_ranked/ Title: I''m a low ranked player looking for a high ranked player to do a dual annotation with. I am higher ranked p... | Read More

    • Analysis of a Florida Chess Association player's #1

      Florida Chess Association members: This is a new blog series by the Miami Sharks chess team. Each week for the next 10 weeks the Shark players will analyze a game played by one of our members. Players can submit candidate games to harveylerman@e... | Read More

    • Your back rank is weaker than mine!

      Getting checkmated on the back rank is one of the first (and most painful) ways we lose a chess game when we are learning. The sudden realisation that our King can't move in such an "open" position leaves us with a bad taste in our mouth. However ... | Read More

      • PATOMARK
      • | Sep 30, 2014

      "Kaçmaya çalıştık. Ama yaban sığırı gibi bir bir vurdular bizi." Gelincik Louise Kaliforniya Eyaleti Temsilciler Meclisi alt komisyonu olan tahsisat komitesi, liderliğini Ermeni Ulusal Komitesi’nin yaptığı toplum kuruluşlarını di... | Read More

      • | Sep 28, 2014
      • | 1 comment
    • 2014 Week 5 Review: Baltimore Kingfishers vs. Manhattan Applesauce

      Baltimore Kingfishers vs. Manhattan Applesauce 1.5-2.5 GM Akshayraj Kore (2543) - GM Robert Hungaski (2551) 0-1 View Game IM Levan Bregadze (2530) - FM Andrew Shvartsman (2432) 1-0 View Game IM Tegshsuren Enkhbat (2450) - FM Rico Salimbagat (22... | Read More

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  • 2 rooks checkmate

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    A checkmate is where you force the enemy in such a way that the enemy king has nowhere to go. Now, a two rook checkmate is an easy way of winning. First, you block the escapade route of the enemy king with one of your rooks. Then you give check t... Read More »

  • Pawn

    • 37 Reads
    • | 37 Reads

    The new pawn move, advancing two squares on its first move instead of one, was first introduced in Spain in 1280.  Starting a game by making two pawn moves before the opponent moved was common in Germany and Holland up to the 16th century, and st... Read More »

  • Mating Patterns

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    Hi! This is Chessking47 (or CK47) writing about Mating Patterns. First, Anastasia's Mate.              I hope you enjoyed that cute mate. Now, the mate can be applied more strikingly. Combine decoy and clearance sacrifice. ... Read More »

  • Chess960

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    Chess960 (Fischer random) is a chess variant created by Bobby Fischer where the pieces on the back rank are randomized, there are 960 possible starting possitions, hence the name Chess960 As you can see the pawns a still on rank 2/7 but the piece... Read More »

  • Checkmate

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    • | 68 Reads

    Checkmate (frequently shortened to mate) is a situation in chess in which one player's king is in check and there is no way to remove that threat; it is a check from which there is no legal move to remove check through either capturing the pie... Read More »