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  • Memphis Belle

      Miss Rosa Jefferson    The champion women chess player of the world Rosa B. Jefferson    Although she was a significant historical figure in American chess, Rosa Bradford Jefferson has remained largely unknown. Miss Jefferson edited ... | Read More

  • The Golden Age

         In September 1945 the proud and confident USA team suffered a humiliating, crushing defeat at the hands of the Soviet team in a 10 board, 20 game match played through a novel use of radio transmission, each set of matched contestants pl... | Read More

  • Capablanca's Nimzo-Indian: World Champion Openings

    Like Emanuel Lasker, his successor, Jose Raul Capablanca, was less of a theoretician and more of a keen practical player. Lasker utilized his great psychological understanding and clever trickiness, while Capablanca's skill rested in his innate un... | Read More

  • University's Prodigy Program - Final Details and Announcements

    This is a fully detailed article regarding University's Prodigy Program. Please read this post in its entirety whether you have already registered for the Prodigy Program or are reading about it for the first time. Want your child to... | Read More

  • University Simul with NM Dane Mattson University Instructor NM Dane Mattson will be playing an online chess simul on Saturday, November 1st, 2014 at 1:00 PM Pacific Time (PDT) right here on! The games will be played in's Live Chess server. The time cont... | Read More

    • International Master simuls on Sunday

      Hello Friends, I am Attila Turzo, an International Chess Master. I will organize 2 simuls on Sunday   The first simul will be on Sunday at 10:00 am London time.  9:00 pm Melbourne, Sydney  8:00 pm Brisbane  7:30 pm Adelaide  7:00... | Read More

    • freezes computer & crashes browser is always asking me to upgrade to remove adds.  Why dont they upgrade their software so it doesn't crash my computer?  No other chess sites do least on my computers.  I can't really play a decent game of blitz here as even i... | Read More

    • Chess 027: Rook Endgames for Tournament Players

      After Chess 012, Chess 013, Chess 014, and Chess 024, we are back with our fifth college-like chess course, this time teaching how to approach the most common type of endgame in chess.  Chess 027: Rook Endgames for Tournament Players | Read More

      • GeniusKJ
      • | Nov 6, 2015
    • کلینیک خدا/God clinic

      به نام خداوند بخشنده و مهربان  in the name of God    به کلینیک خدا رفتم تا چکاپ همیشگی ام را انجام دهم،فهمیدم که بیمارم I went to God clinic for my routine check-... | Read More

      • mmmmmmmkh
      • | Nov 5, 2015

      Bobby Fisher" redirects here. For the English footballer, see Bobby Fisher (footballer). For those of a similar name, see Bob Fisher (disambiguation). Bobby Fischer Fischer in 1960 Full name Robert James Fischer Country United StatesIceland (2... | Read More