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  • Clash of Champions: Kramnik vs. Kasparov

    By 1990, Garry Kasparov had done what nobody had done before since the creation of the world championship: defended his title multiple times against the clearly best challenger. All in all, he and Anatoly Karpov played five quite grueling matches ... | Read More

  • The Master’s Bulletin, October 2014

    SUBSCRIBE HERE --> (You can find the Master's Bulletin archive here) Peter’s Chess Vibes Fabiabulous Editor Peter Doggers borrowed Dejan Bojkov's term to describe Fabiano Caruana's recent successes. Doggers writes: ... | Read More

  • NEW: Chess Informant 121 Midnight Sun

    Chess Informant 121 Midnight SunPaperback, 348 pagesProduct page (book/CD) WONDERFUL OLYMPIAD Just as chess fans all over the world were excited by the goings-on at the recent Chess Olympics, so were the staff at Chess Informant excited at... | Read More

  • Clash of Champions: Fischer vs. Spassky

    In our exploration of the endgames from the world title matches, we have now reached the most famous of all matches -- the so-called "Match of the Century." Besides the unusual and brilliant character of Bobby Fischer, this match is so well reme... | Read More

  • Draws: Positions you should never, ever agree to draw!

    Positions you should NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER draw. picture courtesy of I wish to discuss the types of positions that we should never accept draws in. I'll start with some positi... | Read More

    • Improvement for club players

      I've always wanted to keep a blog dedicated to chess but I never took the plunge by fear of having nothing relevant to contribute. I'm not very interested in obscure gambits, nor am I very keen on publishing my 'best' games on line. Analyzing game... | Read More

    • A memoir of Richard Réti

      A memoir of Richard Réti by his elder brother. Rudolph Réti (1885-1957) was a composer, pianist and writer on music. ‘Richard Réti was born on 28 May 1889 in Bösing (the German name for the little town then changed temporarily to the Hung... | Read More

    • USCL Week 8 Power Rankings

      With just two weeks left before the end of the season, some teams have ceased to consider their playoff chances, focusing instead on their playoff positioning. Besides the obvious benefit of the bye week for the top 6 teams, draw odds is a monumen... | Read More

    • USCL Week 8 preview/predictions

      I've been extremely busy this week, and completely forgot to post predictions! Hence I'll just leave these here and run, given that the matches start in half an hour... New York Knights  New Jersey KnockoutsGM Gata Kamsky: 2785 1.0 0.0 GM Alex ... | Read More

    • The Eternal Second: Paul Keres (part 1)

      With this post I will start a lenghty blog about the life and games of the well known Estonian grandmaster Paul Keres, who is undoubtedly one of the greatest players not to be world champion in the last century. His achievements are well known in ... | Read More

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  • Chajes, Oscar

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    • | 2 Reads

    Oscar Chajes was born in Brody, Galacia, Austria-Hungary (what is now Ukraine) on December 14, 1873.  In 1909 he was the winner of the U.S. Open in Excelsior, Minnesota.  He became secretary of the Isaac L. Rice Progressive Chess Club.  In 1... Read More »

  • Mating Patterns Part 2

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    Have you read Chessking47's (CK47's) article named Mating Patterns? If not, please head over there and solve the puzzles. I would've have never knew this if it weren't for IM Silman! First, I left off with Legall's Mate, so I will do Morphy's Mat... Read More »

  • The English Opening

    • 647 Reads
    • | 647 Reads

    This Chess opening involves the first move c4, (called The English Opening because a group of English players in around the 1890's often played it, including Howard Staunton), it is played as one of the main opening choices for white- an alternati... Read More »

  • endgame study

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    An Endgame Study is a composed problem in an endgame position that contains an aesthetic solution, and is usually hard to find. There are many such studies, and famous composers include GM Pal Benko, Ladislav Prokes,Richard Reti,and Alexei Troitsk... Read More »

  • Chernev, Irving

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    • | 3 Reads

      Irving Chernev (1900-1981) was born on January 29, 1900 in Priluku, Ukraine   In 1904 (some sources say 1920), Chernev’s family emigrated to Brooklyn, New York.   In 1912, Irving Chernev’s father taught him chess.   In the 1930s, ... Read More »