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  • Stalemate

    S T A L E M A T E _______________________________________________________      The existing rule has this in its favour, that it appeals strongly to the sporting instincts of mankind; and the last chance which it affords to a player who ap... | Read More

  • Readers’ Games, Questions and Comments, Part 3

    Today we’ll look at three games and one comment. Each entry has important instructive points that are well worth pondering. We’ll start with the comment, alluding to my article, You Have It He Doesn’t! Part 1, which was all about... | Read More

  • A Week in Chicago, Part 2

    In last week's article, A Week in Chicago, Part 1, we saw a very strange and interesting game I played against the young FM Eric Rosen in a Chicago international tournament. Now let's look at what happened later in the tournament. As I said befo... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Apr 4, 2014

    "What's the going rate for selling 100 rating points?" Let's start with "It's illegal and I wouldn't do it, and neither should you or anyone else!" Now that we got that out of the way, I can then state "Interesting question! I've never had that ... | Read More

  • You Have It, He Doesn’t! Part 1

    Quite a few amateurs become a bit confused when game annotations talk about the enormous importance of the dark squares in one position or another. Yes, everyone knows what the dark squares are, but in most cases, one is left wondering why they ar... | Read More

    • Sokolsky/Polish Opening (1.b4) - The Sokolsky Gambit (Accepted)

      The Sokolsky Gambit (also known as the Tartakower Gambit) is the most theoretical and complicated line in the 1. b4 opening as well as the sharpest one!The initial position of the Sokolsky Gambit (Accepted) occures after the following sequence o... | Read More

      • Eugen
      • | Apr 16, 2014
    • Daily Live Chess Digest - 2014/04/16

      Welcome to this Blog post :-) I upload 3 videos of blitz chess games every day, free on Youtube to watch. Once in a while I also add a rapid game (15 Min per player), all with live comments of course. I face the Sicilian Grand Prix attack agai... | Read More

    • How to achive 1200 Elo at

      How to achive 1200 Elo at If you can’t control the game, you will lose it.   Abstract This article was written for amateur players who wants to improve their chess skills and achive at 1200 Elo points. I will discuss t... | Read More

      • supernovex
      • | Apr 15, 2014
    • Sokolsky/Polish Opening (1.b4) - The Exchange Variation

      The exchange variation is the most frequent line you'll face in the 1.b4 opening (according to database). Some hotheads even call this variation a refutation of the Sokolsky Opening  However, as you will see it further, this "refutation" will ... | Read More

      • Eugen
      • | Apr 11, 2014

      AKLISELİMTV'lerini henüz açmış Akparti'ye gönül vermiş aklıselim sahibi kardeşlerimizin, Milliyetçi Hareket Partisi Genel Başkanı Devlet Bahçeli'nin"tekeden süt sağılmaz, balda tuz bulunmaz, suda ateş yanmaz, Recep Tayyip Erdoğa... | Read More

      • | Apr 8, 2014

Video Lessons


  • Chajes, Oscar

    • 2 Reads
    • | 2 Reads

    Oscar Chajes was born in Brody, Galacia, Austria-Hungary (what is now Ukraine) on December 14, 1873.  In 1909 he was the winner of the U.S. Open in Excelsior, Minnesota.  He became secretary of the Isaac L. Rice Progressive Chess Club.  In 1... Read More »

  • Mating Patterns Part 2

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    • | 0 Reads

    Have you read Chessking47's (CK47's) article named Mating Patterns? If not, please head over there and solve the puzzles. I would've have never knew this if it weren't for IM Silman! First, I left off with Legall's Mate, so I will do Morphy's Mat... Read More »

  • The English Opening

    • 647 Reads
    • | 647 Reads

    This Chess opening involves the first move c4, (called The English Opening because a group of English players in around the 1890's often played it, including Howard Staunton), it is played as one of the main opening choices for white- an alternati... Read More »

  • endgame study

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    An Endgame Study is a composed problem in an endgame position that contains an aesthetic solution, and is usually hard to find. There are many such studies, and famous composers include GM Pal Benko, Ladislav Prokes,Richard Reti,and Alexei Troitsk... Read More »

  • Chernev, Irving

    • 3 Reads
    • | 3 Reads

      Irving Chernev (1900-1981) was born on January 29, 1900 in Priluku, Ukraine   In 1904 (some sources say 1920), Chernev’s family emigrated to Brooklyn, New York.   In 1912, Irving Chernev’s father taught him chess.   In the 1930s, ... Read More »