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  • Can A GM And Rybka Beat Stockfish?

    Around June, Rubik's Cube extraordinaire and chess aficionado Tyson Mao approached me with a fascinating proposal. Together with his friend Jesse Levinson, Tyson was exploring the current state of computer chess engines. It is well establis... | Read More

  • 6 Chess Moves You Have To Play Before You Die

    The idea of a “bucket list” is not a new one. It’s an age-old concept to compile a list of things you’d like to do before you “kick the bucket,” or pass away. Unlike traveling the world or buying your dream ho... | Read More

  • The Longest Plan In Chess

    Chess is well known as a game of strategy. This is why it is prominently pictured in all kinds of television commercials that have to showcase long-term planning (e.g. insurance, banking, etc.). It is a popular myth among people who don't play c... | Read More

  • The Best Chess Of 2014

    As 2014 draws to a close, it’s a natural time to look back at the best chess of the year. The past year was a good one for fans of the world’s most popular board game. There was an exciting world championship match, several amaz... | Read More

  • A Chess Engine Is NOT Your Friend!

    Several years ago I was visiting a friend and he was online looking at live games in a team match event. One game was between a grandmaster (who had the Black pieces) and an international master. A zillion people were using a zillion chess engin... | Read More

    • The new addition (Vasik Rajlich) to Fritz team will make this chess engine top one again

      New hopes for the team of Fritz 15 with the new member for its team Vasik G. Rajlich "New author, new engineVasik Rajlich is new to the Fritz team. The American shook up the world of computer chess just a few years ago, reaching the top with... | Read More

      • lavin_arrt
      • | Oct 16, 2015
    • Rook Endings: The Lucena and Philidor positions

      Two need-to-know rook endings are the Lucena and Philidor positions.  One leads to white winning and the other to black drawing.  I've posted them both here so I and everyone else may practice them.   The Lucena position: The Philidor posit... | Read More

      • Bumper72
      • | Oct 9, 2015
    • Tournament of the Engines (Round 2)

      Welcome to round two of the Tournament of the Engines. For this round each engine will need at least 1.5 points to continue on to the next round, the remaining engines are; Alaric 707, Amyan 1.62, Cheng 4, Chispa 4, Cinnamon 1.2b, Critter 1.6a, C... | Read More

      • Hamguy123
      • | Jul 8, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • Tournament of the Engines

      This is my first blog, and will probably be pretty boring, but to all those who are still reading... I have started a tournament in Lucas chess with its 34 default chess engines, and in this tournament each side gets 120 minutes. As my computer s... | Read More

      • Hamguy123
      • | Jun 29, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • 1 0 Rating List For Engines

      I searched the internet for a 1 0 rating list of chess engines, what I did find were rating lists for standard time controls or blitz time controls but engines perform different under bullet time controls by that I mean engines that are very stron... | Read More

      • innocuent
      • | Jun 22, 2015

  • Komodo vs Humanity: Nakamura Will Give It A Go

    Komodo, the strongest chess engine, recently faced several grandmasters in odds matches. The next player to represent humanity will be Hikaru Nakamura. Nakamura will play six games against Komodo, November 3-4. See details at the end of this art... | Read More

  • Stockfish Outlasts "Rybkamura"

    In yesterday's four-game match between GM Hikaru Nakamura and the computer Stockfish, the world's top chess engine won 3-1. Nakamura, the world's fifth-best human, managed two draws in the four games but lost twice, both times pressing instead o... | Read More

  • GM Nakamura Tries to Prove He is No Stockfish

    "Playing like a machine" has become a compliment lately in the chess world (if not an accusation!). This weekend, a top grandmaster will make it literal. On August 23, world number five GM Hikaru Nakamura will play four games against Stockf... | Read More

  • Rybka Ban Reaffirmed by ICGA

    The recent 4-part defence (part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4) of the banned Rybka program, published by Chessbase and authored by Dr. Søren Riis, a computer scientist at Queen Mary University, has received a swift response from the Internationa... | Read More

  • Rybka Controversy Renewed

    In June 2010 Vasik Rajlich, the author of the strongest commercial chess software program - Rybka, was sensationally accused of plagiarizing code from other programs, especially Fruit. The International Computer Games Association (ICGA) stripped ... | Read More

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  • List of chess software

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    Chess software[edit] 1K ZX Chess Battle Chess Chess (Northwestern University) Chess (application) Chess Assistant Chess Crusade Chess Informant Expert Chess Mates Chess Titans Chess Tiger ChessBase ChessGenius ChessV Chessmaster CilkChess Colossu... Read More »

  • Chess Engines

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    A chess engine is a computer program which is capable of playing a game of chess.  Chess engines do not usually have a GUI (Graphical User Interface) and are designed to be used with a separate GUI.  Commercial chess programs normally ha... Read More »

  • Benjamin, Joel

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    Joel Lawrence Benjamin, born March 11, 1964, was the winner of the National Elementary (1976), Junior High School (1978), and High School  Championships (1980-81), U.S. Junior Championship (1980, 1982), U.S. Open Championship (1985), and U.S.... Read More »