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  • Alexander Alekhine (Part 5): Singing the Middle-aged Blues

    Before we leap into Part 5 of this 7-part series, I’m going to make one last effort to help the “Alekhine was afraid of Capablanca” people grasp a handful of reality. After you read this, feel free to misquote me (and other sourc... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Aug 17, 2013

    On today's show the great majority of questions involved getting better at chess, and most involved openings (with a smattering of endgames thrown in). I think many players have this "improvement model" in their head where they memorize an opening... | Read More

  • Louis Paulsen

                                                 Louis Paulsen was a contemporary of Paul Morphy. His opinion of Morphy was noted in his obituary. In 1959 IM Hans Kmoch wrote his well-received book, "Pawn Powe... | Read More

  • The Queen in the Opening, Part Three

    Today we'll analyze the last case of the Queen getting to the center early in the game.  This time she doesn't go there voluntarily, since she must do it to recapture a piece or a pawn to keep material even.  The simplest example is the ... | Read More

  • SOS - Secrets of Opening Surprises - November 2012

    SEE FOR YOURSELF HOW AN SOS CAN SHOCK AND CONFUSE! Every month, the editor of the SOS Secrets of Opening Surprises book series, IM Jeroen Bosch, annotates a game which was recently played with an SOS-variation. SOS Game of the Month: November... | Read More

    • Daily Live Chess Digest - 2014/04/19

      Welcome to this Blog post :-) I upload 3 videos of blitz chess games every day, free on Youtube to watch. Once in a while I also add a rapid game (15 Min per player), all with live comments of course.  White got greedy in the Scotch Opening: ... | Read More

    • Game 22 of 100 - Scotch Game/Gambit (White)

      Last game of tournament, a draw was enough to secure first place. | Read More

      • Sir_Speedy
      • | Apr 13, 2014
    • Daily Live Chess Digest - 2014/04/11

      Welcome to this Blog post :-) I upload 3 videos of blitz chess games every day, free on Youtube to watch. Once in a while I also add a rapid game (15 Min per player), all with live comments of course. Battling the London System as black:  ... | Read More

    • Lessons from Club Play

      I haven't posted in a few months, but have played quite a few games at my club. I'm hoping that writing this post will help me synthesize some of the important lessons from my last two losses, which have come after failing to convert an advantage ... | Read More

      • scsiduck
      • | Apr 7, 2014
    • Tournament Adventures: Hopscotch Quads - Games and Thoughts

      The Hopscotch Quads, run over two Thursday nights in Buffalo, NY, was a first for me in several ways. Most notably, it was the first tournament that I have directed and played in. In the previous weeknight tournament that I directed for the newly ... | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Scotch Game

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    The Scotch Game is an opening that derives its name from a series of correspondence games between the London and Edinburgh Chess Clubs beginning in 1824 and continuing until 1828.  Interestingly, it was the London club that used the... Read More »

  • open-closed

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    Open and Closed positions refer to the two main types of pawn structures of the centre . Open positions generally have an open centre , where the majority of the pawns have been swapped off . For example Scotch game results in an open game : ... Read More »

  • Cochrane, John

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    John Cochrane (1798-1978) was a Scottish master and lawyer who spent half his life in India.  He played chess in London while on vacation.   In 1815 he was a second lieutenant on the HMS Bellerophon, which transported Napoleon to hi... Read More »

  • Scotch opening

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    An opening name derived from an 1824 correspondence game between the English in London and the Scots in Edinburgh, Scotland.  However, it was the English who played the Scotch opening. Read More »