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  • On Peak Tournament Performance

    As a player and coach the question of how best to prepare for chess tournaments is constantly on my mind or being posed to me by students and friends. For this blog I am going to share some insights and ideas that I have about tournament preparati... | Read More

  • How To Play Against Old Guys, Pt. 2

    In Part One of How To Play Against Old Guys, I gave the weaknesses and strengths of older players. I’ll repeat them here: WEAKNESSES * Old players get tired. Really tired. Often really fast. * Old players can (and do!) easily lose c... | Read More

  • Origins of Chess

    550 AD - Northwestern India - Persian poem in 600 AD describes chess coming to Persia (Iran) from India First called: "Chaturanga" - a Sanskrit word translated as "4 limbed" or "4 parts" The four divisions of an army: five foot soldiers, three ... | Read More

  • Shogi (Japanese Chess)

    Shogi, or Japanese chess, is the most popular of a family of chess variants native to Japan. Objective Technically the game is won when a king is captured, though in practice defeat is conceded at mate or when mate becomes inevitable. [edit] Ga... | Read More

    • Ideas for Chess Resolutions for the New Year

      Despite a rather unsuccessful track record, I really enjoy New Year's resolutions. I've kept track of my New Year's resolutions for the past several years, and it's pretty cool to look back and see what I have and haven't achieved. 2012 Earn the ... | Read More

      • SamCopeland
      • | Dec 31, 2014

      Japan[edit] A prominent variant of chess in East Asia is the game of shogi, transmitted from India to China and Korea before finally reaching Japan.[36] The three distinguishing features of shogi are: The captured pieces may be reused by the... | Read More

      • srisarans
      • | Dec 30, 2014
    • Habu's attacking flair - why Kasparov prepared carefully against him + Habu draws with GM Peter Hein

      Hi! It's been a while since I last blogged. I was busy wrapping up the draft for my 3rd book, The Old Indian: Move by Move and managed to do so yesterday. I am greatly encouraged by the massive support for this blog with regards to my previous tw... | Read More

      • juniortay
      • | Dec 6, 2014
    • 2014 - Garry Kasparov vs Yoshiharu Habu (2 chess games)

      What happens when two chess legends, Garry Kasparov and Yoshiharu Habu, do battle against one another? Chess legend and many times world chess champion Garry Kasparov plays against one of the greatest Japanese chess masters (shogi masters) ever, Y... | Read More

    • A Kasparov Masterclass! (Part 1)

      Through the sponsorship of video portal provider Dwango Co, a 2 game 25 minute rapid match between Garry Kasparov and Yoshiharu Habu (the greatest Shogi master ever) was arranged and it was  broadcast live online. As expected, Kasparov won 2-0 b... | Read More

      • juniortay
      • | Nov 28, 2014


  • Japan

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    Chess Facts related to Japan. During World War II, the Japanese confiscated chess books thinking they were military codes. In 1962, they held their first international chess tournament, organized by the Japanese Chess Federation, in Yokohama. It... Read More »

  • Crazyhouse Chess

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    Crazyhouse chess is a chess variant similar to Bughouse chess but played with 2 players and no teams. Each player has a "pocked" or "reserve" for pieces. Every time a piece is captured the capturing player gets a piece of the same type and of thei... Read More »

  • Kaufman, Larry

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    Larry Kaufman, born in 1947, is an International Master (1980).  Winner of the American Open in 1966.  He has won state championships in Virginia, Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Southern California.  He is the s... Read More »