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  • Saving Chess With The a-Pawn

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  • The Anti-Sicilian Without A Name

    Among the less-trodden paths White can follow against the Sicilian Defense is the system with the seemingly paradoxical combination of Nc3 and Bb5. To my knowledge, this variation, unlike most of the other anti-Sicilians, has no name.... | Read More

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    Legend: a story coming down from the past; especially: one popularly regarded as historical although not verifiable (Merriam Webster Dictionary). There are great chess players and there are legendary chess players. What's the differenc... | Read More

    • Sicilian Defence, GoDiva Variation

      DUDE isn't the Go Diva Variation a chick line? Totally Bro! WTF What is the Go Diva Variation? The Godiva Variation is a line played in the Sicilian Defence against 1.e4 (Kings Pawn Opening). Gurls love playing the GO DIVA VARIATION ECO co... | Read More

    • Material and Position

      Chess is a game of subtle imbalances which, if well-managed, can lead to an overwhelming victory out of apparently nowhere.  On the other hand, if they’re left unchecked, you can lose a game without really comprehending why.  Two of these imba... | Read More

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      • | Nov 15, 2015
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      • Robert0905
      • | Nov 9, 2015
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  • Soltis, Andrew

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    Andrew (andy) Solits is an American grandmaster.  In 1979, Soltis began writing a monthly column called “Chess to Enjoy” for Chess Life magazine.  It is the longest running column in that magazine.  In 1980, Soltis was awarded the G... Read More »

  • Fried Liver Attack

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     The Fried Liver Attack is a continuation of the Two Knights Defense. It is an aggressive gambit where white gives up a knight in exchange for poor king safety for black. This attack has not been proven decisive, especially under slower time cont... Read More »

  • King's Indian Defense

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    King's Indian Defense belongs to the Indian Defense family of openings and is characterised by the early fianchetoeing of the black dark-squared bishop on g7. It is a sharp opening and it has always been a very popular choice for black ever ... Read More »

  • Sicilian Defence

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      The Sicilian Defence is an opening very rich in independent variations to the extent that it is always mentioned along with the mainline variation that followed.Black's purpose of playing 1...c5 is to undermine white's center by taking cont... Read More »

  • Scandinavian Defense

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    The Scandinavian Defense (also known as the Center Counter) is the chess opening characterized by the first moves 1.e4 d5. Although played by quite a few grandmasters over the years, the Scandinavian is rarely played at the highest levels of ... Read More »