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  • How to Mate Your Opponent

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  • When Castles Attack

         There are certain rare actions in chess that elicit an almost emotional response - windmills, smothered mates, advantageous underpromotions and what I want to include here:  Checkmate by Castling.      This type of mate is so ra... | Read More

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    We have just entered 2014 which is the year of the Wooden Horse. It should be a lucky year for people who take care of their wooden horses on a daily basis. Of course I am talking about chess players. For the majority of people the Wooden Hor... | Read More

    • First smothered mate. D10: Queen's gambit declined, slav defense

      This game was played online at the shredder chess website against a human opponent and is my first smothered mate.  Not the best play by both of us but I've only just started studying the Queen's Gambit. | Read More

      • Bumper72
      • | Aug 21, 2015
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      1. Seven Types of Imbalances Material: having a larger and/or bigger army than your opponent. Note that larger does not always mean better; for example, if one player has one rook and the other three pawns, the player with the rook has the advant... | Read More

    • Winning Chess Patterns

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    • The Smothered Mate!

      Ok, it was really hard to get these picture at an angle at which you could really see the mate. Although it was hard I still gave it a go. If you would like to see some colored pictures of this mate just let me know. Please leave comments if you ... | Read More

      • ColeZX4000
      • | Jul 24, 2015

  • Barnes' Opening

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    Barnes Opening (or Gedult's Opening) is a chess opening where White opens with: 1. f3The opening is named after Thomas Wilson Barnes (1825–74), an English player who had an impressive eight wins over Paul Morphy, including one game wh... Read More »

  • Maties

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    Hello you are going to see funny checkmates that I and other people will put in here like mate in two and other fun checkmates with rooks, kings, knights,bishops, pawns, and queens. Read More »

  • Minor Pieces Checkmates

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    MINOR Pieces Are Rarely used for mate  It sometimes only used for support mate Im gonna serve you with some puzzle in a position where king is in the Corner/Edge of the board and , we got a few minor pieces(Bishop, Knight, and maybe a Pawn) I thi... Read More »

  • Swallow's Tail Mate

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    Hi! Swallow's Tail mate is a rare mating pattern. It happens when a king is mated , usually because of a queen. 2 other friendly pieces block off potential escape squares. It is quite a simple but strange mate. Hope you had fun reading, and enjo... Read More »

  • scholar's mate on f7,f2

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    Scholar's mate is easy to remember-1.e4 e5 2.Qh5 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Qxf7#. Is it easy to defend? Yes! Come back on 'More Ways To Win'. This is a bad opening, don't play it. It's only for beginners. Read More »