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  • Marathon Games In The Zalakaros Open

    In part one of my series on the Zalakaros Open, I described coming to Hungary and showed the first three games I played in the tournament. Honestly, the tournament didn't have a good start. Not only did I lose with the white pieces against GM Ga... | Read More

  • A Guide To Underpromotion

    The concept of underpromotion epitomizes the beauty of chess. Mathematically speaking, the queen is far and away the most potent force on the board. Yet there are certain situations in which the lady's subordinates are more deserving of reincarnat... | Read More

  • 6 Chess Moves You Have To Play Before You Die

    The idea of a “bucket list” is not a new one. It’s an age-old concept to compile a list of things you’d like to do before you “kick the bucket,” or pass away. Unlike traveling the world or buying your dream ho... | Read More

  • Adonis

         I had a brief, though quite interesting, exchange with a gentleman not long ago. It started with a query concerning Louisa Matilda Ballard Fagan, the Italian born English chess player who scored 2nd in the Ladies' International Chess Co... | Read More

  • Protecting Overprotection

    I think about chess a lot. I think about chess news, chess history, chess openings and endgames, my chess friends (living and dead), beautiful chess games, and how my 4,000 chess books are pushing me out of my home. But my main chess thoughts ar... | Read More

    • Saving the Game Through Stalemate

      Did you know that roughly half of all endgames by Master level players come down to Rook and pawn endgames? If you aren’t a master you will still see these endings quite frequently and even more often you will see the possibility of simplifying ... | Read More

      • PaulEChess
      • | Aug 1, 2015
    • Spoilt for Choice

      I was paralysed by the following diagram in my daily tactical training.   Can you solve?   Blokh Combinational Motives Diagram 586 Difficulty 4 White to move     I had seen a stalemate possibility given White's pawns are blockaded and W... | Read More

    • Pawn Endgame Puzzle

      You have a forced mate in 18 here. Be careful though! You're opponent's king cannot move. One slip and it's stalemate. Good luck. There might be a way that's one move faster here. I'm not sure. If you find it, congradulations. | Read More

    • Playing For a Draw with a Fortress

      Hello Chess Fans, A series on King and Pawn Endgames wouldn't be complete without understanding How to Play for a Draw by Creating a FORTRESS. A Fortress is an endgame drawing technique used by the side who's down in material and out of opti... | Read More

    • Tactics puzzle 16: build a fort to draw!

      This tactics puzzle post is going about building a fort to get stalemated. There is one easy puzzle and a difficult one. Puzzle 1, white to move and draw: Puzzle 2, white to move and draw: Another variation on puzzle 2: | Read More

      • vc153415
      • | Jul 4, 2015
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Video Lessons

  • Sarratt, Jacob Henry

    • 21 Reads
    • | 21 Reads

    Jacob Henry Sarratt (1772-1821) was a chess player and author.   He was a London schoolmaster and the first professional to teach in England.  He was the house professional at the Salopian coffee house in London who played for a guinea per game... Read More »

  • The Impotent Pair

    • 0 Reads
    • | 0 Reads

    The Impotent Pair refers to a RP and Bishop of the "wrong color" that does not control the queening square. If the lone King cannot be prevented from arriving at the queening square ahead of the enemy King the game is a draw. In this diagram the p... Read More »

  • Stalemates

    • 0 Reads
    • | 0 Reads

    The Stalemate is easy to learn but hard to make. What is it? It's stalemate if one side can't make any moves with any piece. How? Let me explain by a example:            no moves!   Try this; Read More »

  • Longest games

    • 74 Reads
    • | 74 Reads

    The longest chess game is 269 moves (Ivan Nikolic - Goran Arsovic, Belgrade 1989) which ended in a draw after over 20 hours of play.  Two other games have gone to 200 or more moves.  In 1988 at the Saloniki Olympiad, Seirawan and Xu Jun ... Read More »

  • Stalemate

    • 47 Reads
    • | 47 Reads

    The rule regarding stalemate first appeared in Europe in A. Saul's Famous Game of Chesse-Play, published in 1614.  In England, the player who gave stalemate lost the game.  In Italy and France stalemate counted as a draw.  In Sp... Read More »