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  • USCL 2012 Preview: East

    USCL 2012 Preview - East If you are interested in the rubric based on which I'm evaluating these teams; or in my predictions for the Western Division, they can be found here. If you don't know what the US Chess League is, it is an exciting, prof... | Read More

  • Chess By The Numbers

    Chess... by the numbers! Our favorite game is amazing. | Read More

  • Anand/Topalov Trivia

    Viswanathan (Vishy) Anand was born on December 11, 1969 in Chennai, India. Veselin Topalov was born on March 15, 1975 in Rousse (Ruse), Bulgaria. Anand is now 40.Topalov just turned 35. Topalov’s father taught him to play chess at the age of ... | Read More

  • Chigorin Ruy Lopez and the Mystery of Statistics

    Chigorin Ruy Lopez and the Mystery of Statistics   Niranjan Navalgund asked: My question is about the Chigorin Variation of the Ruy Lopez. 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.O-O Be7 6.Re1 b5 7.Bb3 d6 8.c3 O-O 9.h3 Na5 10.Bc2 c5 11.d4 Qc7 ... | Read More

  • The Evaluation of Material Imbalances (by IM Larry Kaufman)

    Every novice soon learns a table of [DH: "average"] material value for the pieces, the most popular being 1-3-3-5-9, but with a bit more experience he learns that this table is not always reliable. There are two reasons for this: one is that an ac... | Read More

    • Youth Coaching Strategies: Relating Chess to Everything & Basic Drills

      I've had success coaching my chess club (grades 1-7) by using some rather developed methods. The intention is two-fold; hold the student's attention and make the right presentation. At least in my club's age group they are not totally familiar w... | Read More

      • LaCiCaDa
      • | Dec 9, 2014
    • New Personal Best

      I edged my way back into the 1800s, after being out since September 12th.  And I have a 1900-level player in the ropes.  That will be a first, as I have never, ever beaten anyone rated above 1900. Online Chess - Standard Current: 1816 Today's R... | Read More

    • Magnus Carlsen and Rise of the Quants

      The mainstream media and chess public are endlessly fascinated by the chess #1, Magnus Carlsen of Norway. So am I. Yes, he is the reigning World champion with the highest rating anyone has ever achieved. In this number-obsessed world it is someth... | Read More

    • Stats

      I am wondering about my own stats. Is there another way to see what my stats are or I just have to become a member. It will be interesting to see them but I dont want to pay a membership without knowing what kind of stats are provided and if they... | Read More

    • Back to playing chess, and a mission.

      Hi guys. I am truly sorry for not being online in a while. But since my school chess club started, its left me with no choice but to practice. So I am starting a mission to get all my stats over 1200. Please help me along the way. Thank you for re... | Read More

      • JJZ03
      • | Nov 20, 2014