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    • Becoming a Chess Master - staying tidy

      I have done some housekeeping on my website, Becoming a Chess Master. There is now a sitemap and better menu options. Some more menus will follow as I add content, but for now the main area is the study plan, where I explain the study plan that ha... | Read More

    • Study Plan for Coming Months

      It's been a while since I have had a solid study plan to reach my goals. I think Goals are important, and making plans that will help you reach those goals is crucial.  Therefore, I am going to lay out my study plans here so keep them fresh in my... | Read More

      • jminkler
      • | Apr 12, 2015
    • Study Plan Summary and Tactics

      I have created a summary page on my blog showing the various aspects of my chess study plan. You can find it here: Study Plan Page. I have also run a feature the last few weeks on a relatively simple tactics problem. You can find them here: Tacti... | Read More

    • Sample Chess Study Plan

      Now that I have explained the various aspects of my chess study plan, I thought it would be worth showing an example of what this looks like in summary.  I show this in my latest blog post. | Read More

    • My Chess Study Plan - Playing OTB

      I have just posted on my blog the final aspect of my chess study plan, playing over the board chess. You cannot get a rating, nevermind a FIDE title, if you don't sit down and play some real chess! | Read More

  • Durkin Opening

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    The Durkin Opening (also known as the Durkin Attack or the Sodium Attack) is a rarely played chess opening beginning with the move: 1. Na3The Durkin Opening is named for Robert James Durkin (1923–?) of New Jersey. The name "Sodium Atta... Read More »

  • Kenny Solomon

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    Kenny Solomon 8 October 1979 is a South African chess International Master. He took up chess at the age of 13, inspired by his elder brother’s qualification for the Chess Olympiad in Manila in 1992. Borrowing a chess book from him to study,... Read More »

  • Zugzwang

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    Pronounced "tsoog-tsvung", Zugzwang is a German word meaning "obligation to move".  The term is used for a position in which whoever has the move would obtain a worse result than if it were the opponent’s turn to play. A player is said to b... Read More »

  • Horwitz, Bernard

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    Bernhard Horwitz (1807-1885) was a German-born card player(specialized in miniatures) and chess study composer.    In 1845, he settled in England and began teaching chess.  In 1846, he lost as match with Howard Staunton, losing 14 games, winni... Read More »

  • Coiled Spring Effect

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    The coiled spring effect in chess is related to how a players pieces will start out from a fairly compact and/or cramped opening position, and how they will "unwind" the spring and start attacking with the dynamic energy pent up in the position. A... Read More »