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  • Chess Tactics And The Hookah

    A Superior Tactician Chess.com member Mzeekimaro wrote: “I am a big fan of you and your chess books. I am rated 1581 by FIDE. I want to be very good at tactics. What do you recommend I do? I want to be labeled as a superior tactician.&rdqu... | Read More

  • Opening Or Endgame? You Decide

    In studying chess, which of the two phases should students focus on most? Or should they concentrate on another aspect of chess altogether? It reminds us of other eternal questions, like what is the meaning of life, why is there something rather... | Read More

  • You Won't Believe These Miracles On The Chessboard

    At its heart, chess is a logical game. Every move — no matter how outwardly mysterious — can be explained and rationalized. To be sure, an idea can (and often should) violate general principles, but it still must satisfy the ... | Read More

  • Chess Lessons Exposed: A Lesson Learned?

    This series is about chess lessons and how a chess teacher tries to push key points home. If you are looking for a chess teacher, don’t grab anyone that comes along! Take your time, take a lesson or two from various teachers so you can get a... | Read More

  • The 8 Best Chess Apps

    The mobile platform now dominates the Internet. Many more YouTube videos are watched on mobile devices (mostly smartphones) than on desktop and laptop computers combined. Two months ago, Google announced that the majority of its search... | Read More

    • Tactics Puzzle: Derived from a real game

      This was a position that came up in a blitz game I played here on Chess.com. After I played this game, I felt this would make a good tactic puzzle. I had just sacrificed a knight on f5. Can you find the correct continuation?  | Read More

      • radar6590
      • | Aug 28, 2015
    • Cheaters in the game

      I was playing 5/0 tournament on 28th at 7.30am EST. My opponent with ID=ImNewbieFightme used tactics to swalow up my time and won on time, While I was in winning position. Hope Chess,com will take action | Read More

      • ist2000in
      • | Aug 28, 2015
    • Bobby Fischer Memorial: Round 2

      Apparently I was the lowest-rated player to win the first round, because I got paired with the highest-rated player with a score of 0.5. Again, the time control worked in my favor, and this time there were no crazy tactics at the end: I got a good... | Read More

    • Lunchtime toddling tactics -- Cool mating pattern!

      I've gotten into a habit of late of practicing tactics at lunchtime.  Sometimes I totally bomb and other days, I do well.  This was one of those in between days but I came across a nifty little tactics puzzle that very nicely demonstrates a snea... | Read More

    • Put Your Brain In Action!

      I've been very busy the last few days playing in the strong Semifinal of the Argentinian Championship. Playing almost every day with strong FMs and IMs (some days even twice!) give me little time to write. I should say that the hard work in the t... | Read More

      • FMCouch
      • | Aug 27, 2015

Video Lessons

  • decoy

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    Chess games many times are won and lost because of a single tactical move. One of the most common tactics that you will see in any chess game is the decoy. The decoy in chess is finding a poisoned square that your opponent would never want to g... Read More »

  • What You Need to Know Well as a Beginner

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    The Tactics! If you are directed to the wrong page from my profile,please go back. Forks A fork is basically when one piece attacks two. Skewer When one piece attacks a more valuable piece and then a less valuable piece behind it. Pawns can't... Read More »

  • Underpromotion tactics

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    In 90% of the cases pawns are promoted to queens. Sometimes though, it would be better to promote to something else other than a queen, like in the following examples: Here is one that involves promoting to a rook: If you think your skills at ... Read More »

  • Queen's Gambit

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    • | 164 Reads

    The Queen's Gambit is the starting position of many respectable chess opening such as the Queen's Gambit Accepted, the Queen's Gambit Declined and the Slav Defence. Black in most cases prefers not to capture the pawn as he cannot keep it without ... Read More »

  • Chernev, Irving

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    • | 3 Reads

      Irving Chernev (1900-1981) was born on January 29, 1900 in Priluku, Ukraine   In 1904 (some sources say 1920), Chernev’s family emigrated to Brooklyn, New York.   In 1912, Irving Chernev’s father taught him chess.   In the 1930s, ... Read More »