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  • Pandolfini's Mailbag: Teaching Stuff

    Topic for next month: Losing (Please start submitting questions concerning the above topic for the next column. Questions outside of that theme should be submitted to other Chess.com departments. If I get the opportunity to answer a different ki... | Read More

  • Magnus Carlsen's Best Endgame Wins

    Last week, we dissected Magnus Carlsen's positional mastery by examining two of his finest strategic victories. However, modern chess demands universality, and it is impossible to become world champion and attain the highest rating in history thro... | Read More

  • How To Play The Najdorf Against The Adams Attack

    In Playing Against The Najdorf: The Adams Attack, we saw how an obscure small move (6.h3) was developed as an answer to another small move (5...a6 -- the Najdorf), which had, paradoxically, become the most popular opening in chess. The so-called... | Read More

  • An Incidental Champion

         Some men and women are clearly champions and reach the pinnacle of their field in an almost predictable manner. Some are champion material, but the fates have conspired against them, keeping them from reaching the very top.  Still other... | Read More

  • Mastering Squares, Part 6

    In our study of squares we’ve looked mainly at amateur games and how a “tiny” thing like a square is often ignored, while tactics, threats and attacks are always part of the amateur’s mind. This brings up an interesting q... | Read More

    • How to rescue an hyppopotamus

      Journalist:   It might be inconvenient to interrupt our profound discussion and change the subject slightly, but I would like to know whether extraneous, abstract thoughts ever enter your head while playing a game? Tal:   Yes. For example, I wi... | Read More

      • teorems
      • | Feb 28, 2015
    • Who I am?

      I want to share with you interesting things in chess in this blog. I have not title, i just love chess for many years. I was about 1700 when i was very young, but I don't play tourneys nowadays. I analyze openings, games, endings by myself with a... | Read More

      • EpicFreak
      • | Feb 28, 2015
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    • Sexy rythms

      LoveSo many things I've got to tell youBut I'm afraid I don't know how'Cause there's a possibilityYou'll look at me differently       LoveEver since the first moment I spoke your nameFrom then on I knew that by you being in my lifeThings were... | Read More

    • The one, perfect, and unsurpassable Word

      What is the full and definitive stage of God's Revelation? The full and definitive stage of God’s revelation is accomplished in his Word made flesh, Jesus Christ, the mediator and fullness of Revelation. He, being the only-begotten Son of God ... | Read More

    • Note About Puzzle #28

      I found it from a game, but after I played through it for the second time, I realized that there was a better checkmate. So, I will try and post a different Puzzle #28 later. | Read More

Video Lessons


  • Harrwitz, Daniel

    • 19 Reads
    • | 19 Reads

    Daniel Harrwitz (29 April 1823 – 9 January 1884) was a German master (born in Breslau, Silesia) and world’s best active player in the mid 1850s.  He played matches against Staunton, Anderssen, Lowenthal, and lost to Morphy.  He became a prof... Read More »

  • Sicilian: What Happens After The Immediate 5... e5?!

    • 0 Reads
    • | 0 Reads

    The Sicilian Defense: What Happens after the immediate 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 e5?! This is a quite dubious move, trying to steal tempo from white. However, white can "takeback" the tempo by 6. Bb5+! Bd7 7. Bxd7+ Qxd7 whe... Read More »

  • endgame study

    • 0 Reads
    • | 0 Reads

    An Endgame Study is a composed problem in an endgame position that contains an aesthetic solution, and is usually hard to find. There are many such studies, and famous composers include GM Pal Benko, Ladislav Prokes,Richard Reti,and Alexei Troitsk... Read More »

  • Cardoso, Ruth

    • 18 Reads
    • | 18 Reads

    Ruth Cardoso was born in Salvador, Brazil  on February 9, 1934.  In 1970, she was awarded the title of Woman International Master (WIM) from FIDE.    She won the South American Women’s Championship in 1966, 1969, and 1972.  She won the Br... Read More »

  • Fork

    • 114 Reads
    • | 114 Reads

    A fork is a chess term for when one piece simultaneously attacks two enemy pieces or pawns. This often results in a loss of material for the side receiving the fork. A "royal fork" is when the queen and king are both attacked at the same time. Read More »