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    • Time outs

        I wrote to chess.com about the fact that my time out ratio went up after my opponant timed out this is the reply. They say I should be polite and respectful but this is on insult to my intellegence. Yes I am sure someone else just timed on me... | Read More

    • Before Premium...

      http://web.archive.org/web/20140527233726/http://www.chess.com/members/view/mauve_penguin That was recorded on May 27th, 2014. Feel free to look at how I played back then without having to go through my archive.         PLAY LEARN SHARE... | Read More

    • Pete Carroll the Chess Thinker

      Before Super Bowl 49, the commentators made their obligatory "this is going to be a chess game" metaphor. The halftime show lit up Katie Perry's stage into black and white squares. The media uses "football is chess" like a cliche, but these coache... | Read More

      • OneArrow
      • | Feb 3, 2015
    • Status

       Ratings Online Chess 1416 Highest: 1833 (Mar 8, 2010) Avg. Opp.: 1479 Best Win: 2132 (podbacx) Today‘s Rank: #86,721 of 426,881 (79.2%) Total Games: 6968 (3145 W/ 3696 L / 127 D) Chess960 1201 Highest: 1525 (Jul 11, 2009) Avg. Opp.: 12... | Read More

    • My chat with Krwakakrwa...... Does iT hurted him.....??

      நான் Krwakakrwaவொடு(Mr.APJ probably) விளையாண்ட இந்த family விளையாட்டை அடிதடின்னு சொல்லலாம். இது பற்றி M.R. मार Ore அவ... | Read More