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  • Veselin Topalov And The Najdorf Sicilian

    San Luis, Argentina, 2005: A double-round-robin tournament was held to determine the FIDE world champion. In those days the world championship was still split after Garry Kasparov and Nigel Short left FIDE for their 1993 match. The chess world l... | Read More

  • Why Do Grandmasters Blunder?

    Over the years I’ve noticed that whenever a grandmaster hangs his face, the masses of fake names go berserk and not only berate the unfortunate player but toss sick (and completely ignorant) accusations his way: “He lost on purpose! It’s a ... | Read More

  • The Greatest Chess Minds Video Series

    Let this video guide serve as the official reference point to help you find videos on your favorite chess players throughout history! has enjoyed lessons from the best coaches and players within our game. Hopefully,... | Read More

  • Making A Plus In The Petroff

    For a long time, the Petroff Defense (also known as the Russian Defense) has been a very solid weapon in situations where a draw is acceptable for Black. Through the end of the 20th century it featured prominently in top level tournaments, especia... | Read More

  • How To Beat Magnus Carlsen

    The 2015 edition of Norway Chess was a memorable event in several ways. Above all, it heralded the resurgence of Veselin Topalov and Viswanathan Anand, who both stormed through the field and turned in 2900+ performances. Topalov won the tournament... | Read More

    • Thoughts on Magnus

      Magnus Carlsen, the current world chess champion, is experiencing a 4-year low in rating. He blundered a piece against a comparatively "weak" 2500 GM. Why is this happening? What is happening to the best player in the world? Of course there are m... | Read More

      • Robert0905
      • | Nov 19, 2015
    • European Club Cup Open 2015- Skopje

      Fascinating game between Kramnik and Topalov recently in Skopje. Perfect example of how important it is to control certain coloured squares around your King if they are weakened. Even if you are an exchange up! | Read More

    • Analysing My Own Games: When Knights live on f5

      It has been a relatively long time between blog posts, as I have been visiting Australia, and more so I haven't completed any new games.   The finals of the 22nd Thematic Tournament is progressing well, with a win with White taking me t... | Read More

    • Better than the Rest – Hikaru Nakamura, the Original American Superhero

      Check out the original blog post here! The best chess player in the world right now is Hikaru Nakamura. Forget the household names – Carlsen, Anand, Caruana, and Kramnik, chess is changing, and so are the best players.   Hikaru has been du... | Read More

    • Stamina in Chess

      Check out my original post here! Who said chess wasn’t a sport? Since 1999, chess has been identified as a sport by the International Olympics Committee – but what about our game is athletic? Let’s take a look at a recent example from Norwa... | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Kasparov, Garry

    • 93 Reads
    • | 93 Reads

    Garry Kasparov, originally named Weinstein, was born on April 13, 1963. He is unainamously regarded as the greatest chess player of all time. In 1976, he was the strongest player in the world under age 13.  He became a grandmaster at 17, the ... Read More »

  • Svesnikov

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             The Sveshnikov Variation was pioneered by Evgeny Sveshnikov and Gennadi Timoshchenko in the 1970s. Before their efforts, the variation was called the Lasker–Pelikan Variation. Emanuel Lasker played it once in his world champi... Read More »

  • Kramnik, Vladimir

    • 3 Reads
    • | 3 Reads

    Vladimir Kramnik, born June 25, 1975, is a Russian Grandmaster (1992) and world champion (2000-2007) who defeated Garry Kasparov in 2000 in the Brain Games World Championship in London.This was the 14th World Chess Championship.This was the first ... Read More »

  • Corus Chess Tournament

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    The Corus Chess Tournament is a major chess tournament played in the small seaside town of Wijk Aan Zee in the Netherlands. Founded in 1938 for Dutch players only, it became an international event in 1946 and has grown into one of the most presti... Read More »

  • Anand, Viswanathan

    • 53 Reads
    • | 53 Reads

    Viswanathan (Vishy) Anand, born on Dec 11, 1969, is India's first Grandmaster (1988, at the age of 18) who won the World Junior Championship in 1987.  In 1983, he won the National Sub-Junior Chess Championship with a perfec... Read More »