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  • The Smith-Morra Gambit: A History, Part 2

    Last week, we examined the origins of the Smith-Morra Gambit.  As the Smith-Morra began to encounter strong players, a variety of different responses developed. In the early days, declining the gambit was actually quite popular. In fact, ... | Read More

  • 7 Dumb Chess Ideas To Avoid This Year

    We've kicked off a new year, but beginning chess players still play the same unsound chess ideas that have been tried by inexperienced players for decades. Unless their opponents are similarly new to the game, players relying on these unsophisti... | Read More

  • Punishing The Pawn Grabber!

    As beginners, we are invariably warned that pawn grabbing in the opening is a cardinal sin. Indeed, what could be more incautious than throwing your development to the wind and setting yourself up for tactical calamity?  Pawn grabbing usually s... | Read More

  • How To Play Like A Super Grandmaster

    The last couple of months were a real paradise for true chess aficionados. The world's top events (including the world championship!) followed one after another. Today, I offer you an opportunity to test your chess skills and find the star moves... | Read More

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #73: Three vs. Two

    Professor: It's good to see you, class.  The kids didn't say much. A few of them even looked sad.  Professor: Why so pale and wan, if I may ask? Rachel: Well, the semester's coming to an end.  Professor: That's true. But you've all learned... | Read More

    • January Thaw - Round 4

      I started out the second day pretty well, defeating Robert Rajala in our first game against each other. Robert's a good fellow who lent me a demonstration board for a chess class I teach at a local school here, and I was eager to play him finally... | Read More

      • logosx1
      • | Jan 26, 2015
    • Fajarowicz Gambit [3]

      FAJAROWICZ GAMBIT [2] 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e5 3.dxe5 Ne4 INDEX 1. Introduction 2. Game with analysis 3. Complete text of the analysis of the game 4. Conclusion 5. Other blogs of mine on this opening   1. Introduction This game will sh... | Read More

    • Fajarowicz Gambit [2]

      FAJAROWICZ GAMBIT [2] 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e5 3.dxe5 Ne4 INDEX 1. Introduction 2. Game with analysis 3. Complete text of the analysis of the game 4. Conclusion 5. Other blogs of mine on this opening   1. Introduction I like to play ga... | Read More

    • copy cat trap

      hello this is copy cat trap  so bye bye  | Read More

      • Krish_01
      • | Jan 22, 2015
    • MOBY CHESS Keliautojams

      Labas Rytas .Ką gi- susipažinome su lenkų ir prancūzų šachmatininkų kūryba ,pats laikas pereiti prie anglų. Pas rusus yra toks posakis - DAVNO I NIE PRAVDA- t.y - senai ir netiesa, kitais žodžiais, tai ,kas buvo senai- dabar jau nebeak... | Read More

      • mobidi
      • | Jan 21, 2015
      • | 1 comment

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  • Fool's Mate

    • 2211 Reads
    • | 2211 Reads

    Fool's mate, also known as the "two-move checkmate," is the quickest possible checkmate in the game of chess. One example consists of the moves leading to the position shown... There are eight slight variations on the pattern — White might p... Read More »

  • Mating Patterns

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    Hi! This is Chessking47 (or CK47) writing about Mating Patterns. First, Anastasia's Mate.              I hope you enjoyed that cute mate. Now, the mate can be applied more strikingly. Combine decoy and clearance sacrifice. ... Read More »

  • Petroff's Defence

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    Petroff's Defence (or the Russian Game) arises after: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6    There is an interesting trap where white may blunder his Queen away early in the game after: 3. Nxe5 Qe7 4. Nf3 Nxe4 5. Nc3?? Leads to Nxc3+, and black will win ... Read More »

  • Legal Trap

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    The Legal Trap is a trap that ocurs in the Philidor Defence.  It ocurs when Black tries to pin a knight to the queen. Black is down a pawn with no compensation.   Sometimes, h3 is not necessary. This example shows an example of t... Read More »

  • A00 to E99

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    • | 0 Reads

    This is a list of chess openings, organised by the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings (ECO) code. In 1966, Chess Informant categorised the chess openings into five broad areas ("A" through "E"), with each of those broken down into one hundred subcate... Read More »