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    • 4/12/2014

      Today was a good chess day for me. I was able to go 20/25 on the tactics today. This was the one I am most proud of finding the solution to. I was also able to play a slow game tonight. It was a Petroff Defense, and I don't get to see that too of... | Read More

      • abshores
      • | Apr 12, 2014
    • Chess definitions of tems

      Accept To take an offered piece, as in the King's Gambit Accepted opening 1. e4 e5 2. f4 exf4. See also "Decline". Active An aggressive move, line of play, or position. When mentioned in regards to a playing style, it indicates sharp or tactical t... | Read More

    • Openings According to Me: Intro

      For many players the opening is a huge weak point (actually, often they are weak in all the phases of the game, mainly because they are "lazy"). For me the opening is a great strength; often I gain a large advantage out of the opening which helps ... | Read More

    • Chess in Black and White: Issue 7 "Tata Steel so far"

      Today I am going to go through give a little summary of the players, how they have done, and who they face next round. Enjoy!   Masters Section 1. L. Aronian. He sits at #2 in rating in the world at 2812, and is the highest rated player in the... | Read More

    • Wijk aan Zee Starts This Weekend! :-)

      Hi! You probably know that the Tata Steel Chess Tournament starts this weekend in Wijk aan Zee, Holland. I'm really excited about this, it's my favourite tournament of the year by far :-) I just wondered if you have any thoughts on the line up thi... | Read More

      • Gemster
      • | Jan 9, 2014

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