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  • The Knockout Blow

    At one time or another, all of us have experienced the agonizing pain of drawing or losing a completely winning position. One move — one millisecond of imprecise thinking — can nullify hours of hard work and inspired play. ... | Read More

  • Clash of Champions: Spassky vs. Petrosian

    For the first time since Alekhine, there was a world champion not named "Botvinnik" who was also not merely renting the title for a year. The Armenian named Tigran Petrosian held the title of world champion, with his unusual, "left-handed" style o... | Read More

  • Readers’ Games, Questions and Comments, Part 7

    GOOD OR BAD? Mordecai10 asked: I have just completed part 1 of your Test Your Chess Understanding articles, and I wasn’t completely satisfied by one aspect of your solutions. In your solution to puzzle 2, you say the following: &lsquo... | Read More

  • The Dominican Order

          In his 1968 book called "The Poor Knight" ("Рыцарь бедный"). Vasily Panov described 23 year old Mikhail Tschigorin walking down Nevsky Prospect, a busy thoroughfare in St. Petersburg, with his friend Fedor discussing chess,... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman May 2, 2014

    Bobby Fischer played 1st board for the US in four chess Olympiads, the final one being Siegen in 1970. In 1972, after beating Spassky, the first major event he skipped (and never played again!) was that summer's Olympiad in Skopje. Fischer also p... | Read More

    • The Petroff Defense - Playing 1.E4 - E5 2.Nf3 Opening Variations

      E4 was the opening choice of GM Robert Fischer as well as many players throughout chess history.  When deciding on an opening for white there are 4 optimum moves to consider: e4 - d4 - Nf3 - c4.  In this series of articles we'll examine the vari... | Read More

    • Remembering the 1990 Manila Inter-Zonal Chess Championship.

      Remembering the 1990 Manila Inter-Zonal Chess Championship... Few young players knew how strong GM Boris Gelfand was and still is. In 1989 he won the GMA Open in Palma de Mallorca which was participated by more than 160 grandmasters! An amazin... | Read More

    • Leko - Gashimov Dec 25 2008

      The Petroff defense has often been labeled as drawish, symmetrical, and boring. While it can transpose to the two, three, or four knights openings, it also has its own opening trap: the Marshall Trap. This game is from the 2008 FIDE Grand Prix i... | Read More

    • Chess in Black and White Issue 17: Revival Edition

      Now that I have finished student teaching I will restart my blogs. I realize this is a long post, but it was been a while. Today I will summarize my chess since my last blog. We left off in the spring when I was in the upper 1600’s. I had spent ... | Read More

    • The End Of One Road, Beginning of Another Part 2

      Now it begins, the change.   Now as I mentioned in Part 1 (which if you haven't read click here:, I will now talk about the changes I made from a few tournam... | Read More

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