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  • The Ohio Masters Open (3 days to go !)

    The Ohio Chess Academy & The Dayton Chess Club Bring You A Single Open Section Chess Tournament Open to Everyone!   First Annual Ohio Masters Chess Tournament July 25-27, 2014 OPEN FORMAT THE SAME FORMAT USED AT THE US OPEN CHESS... | Read More

  • The Ohio Masters Open

    I want to invite all members to a Chess Tournament and Festival that will be held in Dayton Ohio from July 25th-27th. Also at the same time as this event there will be the Dayton Irish Festival at local riverside park. The Dayton Chess ... | Read More

  • Chess Tales from Asia - The Great Singapore Swindles (Part 2)

      Hi!  Firstly, thanks for the positive comments on Part 1 of this series. I do hope to continue to have your support. Before I continue showing some more swindles concorted in this part of Asia, I would like to make a distinction between the '... | Read More

  • Olympiad-2012: Way to the Top

    The World Chess Olympiad is one of the most exciting and classical tournaments. Its importance is overshadowed only by the individual World Chess Championship. It is both a fantastic festival and a place where serious confrontations take place, wh... | Read More

  • 2nd Annual Brooklyn Scholastic Championships

      2nd Annual Brooklyn  Scholastic Chess Championship                           The Brooklyn Lyceum                 227 4th Avenue Brooklyn, N.Y. 11215                   Trophies to to... | Read More

    • Discussing the worth of the Premium Memberships today. should it offer more?

      i am seeing alot of blogs saying if premium is worth it, so i started thinking to myself. is it? i went into research myself and have thought about posting a blog about it myself. sorry if it is long and repeats a couple of times, but i do that to... | Read More

    • OSCF State Championship 2015

      Chess for NWchess: By Owen McCoy The 10th annual OSCF State Championship was a big hit. Held in Seaside, this gives everybody and excuse to go on an excursion. From April 24/25, more than 350 players in 16 sections (not including friends and f... | Read More

      • Galileo22
      • | Jun 5, 2015
    • Accent on youth or The local veteran chess championships in Włocławek

      When in the morning of Sunday 12 April I appeared in the Assembly Hall of the Old Firehouse in Włocławek, I found many of my older colleagues jokingly asking me whether I actually came to play. This not being the case, since I still have to ... | Read More

      • AdamPitula
      • | May 2, 2015
    • Trophies

      Why is it that I have outplayed many players whose ratings are much higher than mine (we are talking like 1600-1700, and I am only 1300), yet I have not received a single trophy from  anyone ever? And a quite check at any average 1100- player and... | Read More

    • Final & Semi Final round Trophies in multiple round Tournament

      Will there ever be trophies for the 2 rounds (semi & playoff) before the final round and the final round incase someone does not get a 3rd, 2nd or 1st place trophy. You know, to have something to show for all that "up hill climbing" only to ... | Read More

      • pawntoss
      • | Apr 12, 2015
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Video Lessons

  • Gligoric, Svetozar

    • 28 Reads
    • | 28 Reads

    Svetozar Gligoric. born Feb 2, 1923, is a Serbian (Yugoslav) Grandmaster (1951).  He learned the game of chess at age 11, taught by a boarder taken in by his mother.   In 1938, at the age of 15, he won the Belgrade Chess Club c... Read More »