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  • Pandolfini's Mailbag: Back In The Game

    Topic for next month: Chess Teaching (Please start submitting questions concerning the above topic for the next column. Questions outside of that theme should be submitted to other Chess.com departments. If I get a chance to tackle a different ty... | Read More

  • Chess.com University Simul with NM Dane Mattson

    Chess.com University Instructor NM Dane Mattson will be playing an online chess simul on Saturday, November 1st, 2014 at 1:00 PM Pacific Time (PDT) right here on Chess.com! The games will be played in Chess.com's Live Chess server. The time cont... | Read More

  • Clash of Champions: Kasparov vs. Karpov

    With Anatoly Karpov having "inherited" the world title, he was eager to win as many tournaments as possible to prove that he was worthy of the title. And this he did. Besides winning such tournaments as Milan 1975, Las Palmas 1977, Bugojno 1978... | Read More

  • 2nd Annual Wright Brothers Open

    Dear Chess.com Members. I want to inform all of you about an excellent chess tournament coming up in Dayton Ohio.With a guranteed prize pool of over 10,000 dollars the Wright Brothers Open promises to be one of the largest and most exciting chess ... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Jun 27, 2014

    "I did action X and gained Y rating points so I suggest everyone should do that." This claim came up during the show, raising the question: How helpful it would be for others to follow the suggestion? In order to address this issue, we should sta... | Read More

    • Jimmy Quon Scholastic 2015

      When: Sunday, March 29, 2015 Where: San Diego Chess Club, 2225 Sixth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 3 Sections: Advanced (over 1000 USCF) Intermediate (under 1000 USCF) Novice (under 600 USCF and Unrated) All Sections: 5 rounds G/30 no t... | Read More

    • New Simul today with NM Alessandro Santagati

      Hi everyone, I'm happy to invite you again after the last two simuls at my simul today(18 February), all can play and it's completely free. I can play 20 games at the same time, so is important that if you want play, write a comment below an... | Read More

    • One Training Game (A Thousand Lessons)

      One of my favorite ways to help students is by playing a "training game". For a training game you should have a time control of at least 15 minutes. There's two ways training games can be beneficial: 1. You and your opponent are close ... | Read More

      • CraiggoryC
      • | Feb 13, 2015
    • Free Simul with NM Alessandro Santagati

      Hi at all, I'm happy to invite you again after the first simul played 2 weeks ago ( here post and report)at my simul tomorrow(11 February), all can play and it's completely free. I can play 20 games at the same time, so is important that i... | Read More

    • Four Training Games

      After spending several hours analyzing a game recently, it became clear that I needed to find ways to save time.  A great resource turned out to be the suggestions in Andrew Martin's column.  He says to look for critical moments.  These include... | Read More

      • SJFG
      • | Feb 9, 2015

  • Kasparov, Garry

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    • | 93 Reads

    Garry Kasparov, originally named Weinstein, was born on April 13, 1963. He is unainamously regarded as the greatest chess player of all time. In 1976, he was the strongest player in the world under age 13.  He became a grandmaster at 17, the ... Read More »

  • Fish

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    In chess parlance, a fish is a term for a poor chess player. Although roughly synonymous with the dismissive colloquialisms patzer or woodpusher, there are distinctions. In general a "fish" is a player easily defeated... Read More »