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  • More Inexperienced Player Mistakes

    In last week's article, we saw that breaking the classical rules of play in the openings is one of the cardinal sins of less experienced players. Another common problem that you can find in their games is missing basic tactical ideas. ... | Read More

  • Carlos Castaneda And The Penthouse Suite

    [Editor's note: Here are more selected chess stories from IM Silman.] CELEBRITIES GONE WILD 1988 and I just landed in Mazatlan, Mexico. Though the main course was the world 30-minute championships (packed with the best players in the world)... | Read More

  • Inexperienced Player Mistakes

    The World Youth Championship that took place in Greece last month was a great showcase of the best young chess players from all around the world. It also demonstrated the typical mistakes many young players make. While today we are going to... | Read More

  • Cracked Grandmaster Tales: Polgar vs Silman

    I didn’t intend to write a 4th Cracked Grandmaster Tales article, but so many members asked me to do another that I decided to share a few more (true) stories. I hope you enjoy these as much as you did the others. Be warned: there mig... | Read More

  • The Most Unusual Check In Chess

    I run a chess club in a local school, and whenever I ask my students if a king can check another king, I hear a loud "No! Kings cannot kiss each other!" Of course, I know what they mean. Even beginners are well aware that this is the closest a k... | Read More

    • The Role of Tactics in Chess Improvement

               On January 8th-10th of 2016 I will be playing in the reserve section (1400-1799 USCF) of the Austin Chess Club Championships. It is a five round tournament spread out over the course of three days with a time control of 90 minutes wi... | Read More

    • Losing Control

      Analyzing what went wrong in a game, whether for you (if you lose or draw whilst possessing an advantage) or your opponent (if they lose or draw whilst possessing an advantage), is a good way to better recognize importance of an idea that was cruc... | Read More

      • Milliern
      • | Nov 28, 2015
    • Review: Lessons with a Grandmaster III

      Ever wonder what a grandmaster considers during a chess game? Lessons with a Grandmaster III aims to “bridge the gap between grandmaster and amateur.” It uses a student-teacher conversational dynamic to explore the strategic ideas of grand... | Read More

    • Rating. Inflated, or Deflated??

      Hi everyone. I am an avid chess player and I wanna talk about ratings. First of all I want everyone to notice that I recently was able to get my bullet and blitz over 1900 and if you look at the statistics, only about 10,000 people have a higher r... | Read More

      • skippull
      • | Nov 23, 2015
    • October Training Recap

      USCF Rating: 1661 Year to date: +131 Coming into the final quarter of the year and my chess tournament schedule will be slowing way down, given the relative dearth of slow time control tournaments in my area.  In October I travelled to Dayton ... | Read More

      • Chessmo
      • | Nov 22, 2015


  • Phillips, Harold

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    Harold Meyer Phillips (1874-1967) was a lawyer and President of the United States Chess Federation (USCF) from 1950-54, President of the Manhattan Chess Club, former New York State Champion and Manhattan Chess Club Champion (1902).  He was the or... Read More »

  • Weinberger, Tibor

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    FIDE Master and USCF Senior Master. He was a Hungarian master who played in five Hungarian championships from 1952 through 1956. He came to the United States in 1957. In 1957, he won the Minneapolis Open and the New Jersey Open. In 1958, he ... Read More »

  • Karch, Robert

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    Robert Alfred Karch (1930-2010) was born on March 24, 1930.  He was active in organized chess for over 60 years.   Robert played chess for the Lincoln High School team in Tacoma Washington in the 1940s.  He enlisted in the United States Army ... Read More »

  • Ervin, Roy

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    Roy Carl Ervin was born in Los Angeles on January 4, 1951 and grew up in Santa Monica.  In 1969, he took 2nd in the Ventura Marina Chess Festival, won by Ray Martin, and ahead of Norman Whitaker.  In 1969, at the American Open in Santa Monica, E... Read More »

  • Baginskaite, Camilla

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    Camilla Baginskaite was born in Vilnus, Lithuania on April 24, 1967.  At age 15, she became the youngest female master in Lithuania.  In 1986, she took 3rd place in the World Championship for Girls under 20.  In 1988, she won the World Champion... Read More »