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    • re: vacation time

      I am a relatively new member and have gone through one tournament, which was quite enjoyable.  One of the players who I had beaten asked me for a rematch, which I was happy to grant.  However, after only several moves of the opening, he has not ... | Read More

      • renedavid
      • | Aug 29, 2014
    • How to improve from 800-1300 Part 1

      Hello friends, opponents, and viewers! I have really enjoyed blogging so here's another blog on how 800-1300 can improve their Chess. Many of my friends are under 1300 or just passed 1300 recently and I'm sick of it. They need their Online Chess ... | Read More

    • vacation abuse

      the vacation policy is poor to say thee least, i have a game that is one move from checkmate and the person about to lose goes on vacation and has 2 months time, he is a sore loser and wants to be vindictive. Why is this allowed? he can hold up th... | Read More

    • Why do games keep getting paused?

      Why do my games keep getting paused? I do not have anything selected in preferences to use vacation or pause games. my nearest game to finish is 15 hours away why pause games? | Read More

    • Birthdays

      Hi all! Let me clarify some things about myself:I don't pity my own life. I'm not envious with other people. I needn't have your stuff, I needn't have your talents, and I needn't have your physique. I'm more than okay the way I am in all three a... | Read More

  • Cochrane, John

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    John Cochrane (1798-1978) was a Scottish master and lawyer who spent half his life in India.  He played chess in London while on vacation.   In 1815 he was a second lieutenant on the HMS Bellerophon, which transported Napoleon to hi... Read More »