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  • Becoming a Chess Pro: Cons and Pros

    I have been playing chess professionally from my childhood, and most of my friends are also pros. Quite often amateurs send me emotional messages stating they are willing to start training intensively in order to become a grandmaster, and even mov... | Read More

  • A Traveling Chess Player, Part 5

    This is the fifth – and last – part of my series about my travels in Europe to play chess. The first three came out in April of this year, and covered my original trip to Prague, my questioning my identity as a chess player, and severa... | Read More

    • Game Challenges & Vacations.

         I recently received a game challenge from a member and as I usually do, I checked out his form and recent games. He has one game in progress but, has taken time out and is on vacation, after his opponent has made the first and only move of th... | Read More

    • Vacation

      My opponent has taken many short vacations without moving for about one month. Four weeks ago he had 6 hours left on the clock. But without moving when he returned from vacation he had 38 hours left !? How is this possible ? | Read More

      • Peadair432
      • | Sep 1, 2014
    • A Few Funny Stories

      Stories: 1. There was once a rich family- The Butcharts. They went on lots of vacations. Once they visited England, and when they were about to get on the boat back to Canada, Mr. Butchart received news that his best racing pigeon had died. So,... | Read More

      • Dare-Dare
      • | Jan 19, 2014
    • Marketing Your Property Is A Big Resolution - Here Is Assistance To Being Satisfied With It

      Selling off a house can be one of the most greatest choices an individual can make in life. That is why it is really vital that you are enlightened on the topic. In the following post, you are going to be offered help and pointers that will help y... | Read More

      • hos48xp3in
      • | Dec 24, 2013
    • Fast 960 tournament

      Hi my friends. I saw a nice 960 tournament which is NO VACATION with 24 hours per move. I invite you to join this tournament. maybe we play in same group best regards, rainy_chess | Read More