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  • The Amazing Chess Illusion

    Most people are fascinated by optical illusions. Indeed it is a very strange feeling that what you see with your own eyes is not exactly what it is. This reminds me of the punchline to the old joke that I already mentioned in this article: "who ... | Read More

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #73: Three vs. Two

    Professor: It's good to see you, class.  The kids didn't say much. A few of them even looked sad.  Professor: Why so pale and wan, if I may ask? Rachel: Well, the semester's coming to an end.  Professor: That's true. But you've all learned... | Read More

  • Overprotection, Decoded

    The concept of overprotection, invented and verbalized by Nimzowitsch in My System, is defined by IM Jeremy Silman as "a strategically important pawn or square that is given more protection than it seemingly needs. Essentially a prophylactic ... | Read More

  • The Paulsen Sicilian: A History, Part 2

    Last week, we looked at the history of the Paulsen Sicilian until the late 1950s.  Around this time, it was accepted that the c2-c4 plan was not terribly dangerous for Black, whose dark-squared bishop was still unimpeded by the pawn. The li... | Read More

  • A Chess Engine Is NOT Your Friend!

    Several years ago I was visiting a friend and he was online looking at live games in a team match event. One game was between a grandmaster (who had the Black pieces) and an international master. A zillion people were using a zillion chess engin... | Read More

    • Funny video of my German Shepherd Puppy!

      This is my German Shepherd puppy, Kobi. He thinks his leash is trying to "get" him. It's very funny! The things they do to make us laugh, priceless | Read More

      • Precious2c
      • | Dec 21, 2014
      • | 1 comment
    • How I played a Bullet Brawl against Daniel Rensch

      It was Wenseday night. It was already 00:30 and I was just finishing a thing on my computer while my wife was calling me to come to sleep. At this moment I made the "mistake" ! For some reason a tab was open on my google chrome, and whe... | Read More

    • chess trick

      Learn chess strategy this helps you to avoid making the same mistakes in every game you play. The chess tips on my website help you to improve your strategy and finally start winning. To get better you need mental discipline, patience and knowledg... | Read More

      • keralaking
      • | Dec 19, 2014
    • My Advice For Your Chess Improvement

      I’m glad to talk to you again after a little while. I hope your chess training is going well and successfully, and, more importantly, that you enjoy your success If you’re receiving my FREE training course, “Quick Success in Chess”http:/... | Read More

      • go13ers
      • | Dec 17, 2014
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    • Magnus Carlsen vs Rainn Wilson chess game

      Magnus Carlsen played in a chess simul on December 14th, 2014. One of his opponents was celebrity funnyman Rainn Wilson, most famously known for his role in America's TV series "The Office". This video shows the chess game played between Magnus Ca... | Read More

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  • Chess prodigy

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    A chess prodigy is a chess player that has amazing talent and will hopefully be a strong GM in the future. Usually they learn chess at early ages such as 5 or sometimes start rather late such as 10 or 11. Sadly lots of chess prodigies don't fulfil... Read More »

  • The Stare

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    In chess, as in other games that promote gamesmanship, "The Stare" is a common tactic used by players to intimidate, annoy, confuse and otherwise put an opponant out of his or her comfort zone. It is generally done when a player is trying to thi... Read More »

  • Chess Addiction - a Study / Analysis

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    Hi friends, This is my googling on chess addiction. may be it can be linked to any games addcition / online addiction.. and not limited to   Please contribute... thanks in advance   YOurs..sajay   i was just sea... Read More »