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  • How To Play A Counterblow

    The ability to recover after a tactical oversight is a difficult skill to master. Indeed, the temptation to panic after blundering an ostensibly crushing sacrifice or combination is overwhelming. It is the mark of a strong, experienced player to r... | Read More

  • The Smith-Morra Gambit: A History, Part 2

    Last week, we examined the origins of the Smith-Morra Gambit.  As the Smith-Morra began to encounter strong players, a variety of different responses developed. In the early days, declining the gambit was actually quite popular. In fact, ... | Read More

  • Mastering Squares, Part 2

    In part one, I discussed a game that I feel is extremely instructive. There were opening nuances, tactics, and the usual highs and lows. But the main thing that fueled the game’s soul was the existence of two potentially weak squares on e5 a... | Read More

  • Mikhail Tal's Chess Boomerang

    The game we are going to analyze today is quite typical for the style of Mikhail Tal. It features sacrifices, crazy attack and a lot of fun! Also, as it happened to many Tal's sacrifices, it was proven incorrect.  Of course it took "only" a... | Read More

  • The Two-Knight Advantage

    Two active bishops working in tandem are a mighty force. Indeed, the bishop's long range enables it to dominate vast swaths of the board, and to simultaneously play both a defensive and an attacking role. While the power of two bishops is... | Read More

    • MOBY CHESS Šachmatų Kultūros Universitetas

      Labas Rytas  - Su pirma VASAROS , atsiprašau - Vasario DIENA.Kaip sekėsi su 'laboratoriniu darbu' ? Juokauju, žinoma, nemanau ,kad kas nors su šia lengva užduotėle susidorotų. Už gerą nuotaiką negailima nieko , o jos kaip nėra ,taip n... | Read More

      • mobidi
      • | Jan 31, 2015
    • You defeated Magnus!

      This game is a must watch for anyone who want to be in the list of those few people around the world who are able to make Magnus Carlsen resign in the Play Magnus App at the age of 19 when he won the London Chess Classics and reached the number on... | Read More

    • Simul Report and commented games

      Hello at everyone, I happy to share with you the simul result with commented games. It was played on Wednesday 28/1/2015 here on click here to see the old post I played against 8 people, at the end I won 6 games and 2 games was draw. ... | Read More

    • Millionaire Chess Satellite Tournaments coming to Africa!

      Contact: Graham Jurgensen Position: Executive Director – Kasparov Chess Foundation AfricaEmail: Contact: Sid GandhiPosition: Operations Manager – Millionaire ChessEmail: KASPAROV CHESS F... | Read More

    • Improving at Chess Tactics - train the visual and the logical

      There is both a visual and a logical piece to chess, and both need to be trained.   Beginners need to know basic tactical motifs -- both what they look like (visual), and how they work (logical).  For the visual piece they need to know, for exa... | Read More

      • Doirse
      • | Jan 29, 2015

Video Lessons


  • Bardeleben, Curt von

    • 2 Reads
    • | 2 Reads

    Curt von Bardeleben (1861-1924) was a German count and the strongest German player of the late 19th century, an openings expert, and player of Grandmaster strength.  He studied law, but never practiced, preferring to play chess. He was German cha... Read More »

  • Korn, Walter

    • 8 Reads
    • | 8 Reads

    Walter Korn (1908-1997) was the editor of Modern Chess Openings and chess contributor to chess publications for 50 years.  He was the first  FIDE International Judge for Chess Endgame Compositions in North America.   He fl... Read More »