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Location: Perkinston, Mississippi, United States
Joined: 1/9/14
Last Online: 1/10/14
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Location: Azerbaijan
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Location: United States
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Location: New York City, United States
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Location: Iran
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  • The Master’s Bulletin, April 2014

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  • The Master's Bulletin, February 2014

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  • The Sicilian Hole

    Many openings (especially when you play Black) have specific strategical problems typical for that particular opening. If you play the French Defense, then the bishop on c8 is your constant headache. In the Tarrasch Defense you need to live with a... | Read More

    • Get your favorite Chess Pieces and Sets today

      Today, I have some great news for you. Recently, my wife had to buy chess sets for our local chess club. She teaches chess to kids, so we are a chess family. We started searching for a chess shop in the Internet, and I was surprised at how M... | Read More

    • Get Diamond Benefits for helping us Fight "Bad Ads"

      Hello Chess.com! Let me start by saying that I hate ads. I really do. But at the end of the day, they really cover a lot of costs for us. So we have them. But, they shouldn't be inappropriate, have sound, or anything else obtrusive! So we're off... | Read More

      • webmaster
      • | Nov 26, 2014
    • Racism/Sexism/Homophobia

      I think more should be done by Chess.com to rid the site of homophobic, rascist and sexist remarks. People of all ages (including children) use this site and some of the language used is disrespectful and something that shouldn't be tolerated. I ... | Read More

      • Pegglarr
      • | Aug 29, 2014
    • Time Control Changes... We Think?

      Hi Team-Chess.com-Members, We need your help! What's the topic? Keep reading! Along with improving the look, feel, and "usability" of Chess.com with our upcoming "V3" redesign, we are also considering making some tweaks / improvements to the ... | Read More

    • Help Design the Next Chess.com!

      We are hard at work on the next version of Chess.com... and we want your help! We have designed a brilliant new platform for web, tablet, and mobile, which is easily customized with beautiful new themes! Check out some of our Themes here.  ... | Read More

      • webmaster
      • | May 7, 2014