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  • Player Profiles: FM Mike Klein

    If there is such a thing as a chess traveler or chess nomad, then FIDE Master Mike Klein is one of them. He is also a popular chess writer, coach and journalist, and for Klein chess is a pleasant way to make his way through life. Here at | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Mar 15, 2013

    Today's show coincided with the first round of the Candidates Tournament in London. Unfortunately, none of the games were exciting (all draws, most fairly short), so it was not a big topic of conversation. However, I was asked who I thought would... | Read More

  • Records in Chess

    Best match player.  William Steinitz played 27 chess matches from 1862 to 1896, and won 25 of the 27.    He won 160 games, lost 70, and drew 57.  Best Selling Chess Book. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess has sold over one million copies. Best w... | Read More

  • How to Properly Publish a Post

    Publishing a quality piece of content is like preparing a good meal - it requires careful attention at each step. You must plan, prepare, execute, and serve with an eye toward the final meal. You don't want to serve junk food on fine china, nor do... | Read More

  • openings for beginners

    Hi My name is Marc, and I've been playing chess for almost 40 years, and still on the learning curve.  You win some great games and you lose a whole bunch.... I've tried learning all the opening(a few moves) but my opponent knew the opening A ... | Read More

    • What

      what is this?             yes.yes.with sleepy? | Read More

    • به ایرانی بودن خود افتخار کنید...

      مشهورترین نوابغ دنیا ایرانی هستند !!       هرجای دنیا که هستید سر خود را بالا بگیرید و با تمام وجود به ایرانی بودن خودتون افتخار کنی... | Read More

      • Rihana00
      • | Mar 10, 2014
    • '10 big brain benefits of playing chess'

      Not for nothing is chess known as "the game of kings." No doubt the rulers of empires and kingdoms saw in the game fitting practice for the strategizing and forecasting they themselves were required to do when dealing with other monarchs and chall... | Read More

      • | Feb 23, 2014
    • From the mind of a newbie :)

      I was once rated as high as 1700 ( and 1600 ( &  Chess has never been an obsession for me.  But here are some tips that, in my opinion, are golden: 1) Don't over-attack.  One way to look at over-attac... | Read More

    • شیخ و برادرانش

      شیخ را چند برادر بود لاشی ،که چون شیخ را از خویش زیباتر میدیدند و  محبت پدر را به شیخ بیشتر با پِلَنِ و نقشه قبلی ، شیخ را به هوای خری... | Read More

      • CaspianSea
      • | Jan 22, 2014