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  • Pawn Endgames: A Practical Guide

    Let us begin with a small challenge. Take a look at the following diagram: It is the starting position, stripped of all pieces except kings. If you managed to examine it without a yawn, eye roll, or grimace, you have passed the test . ... | Read More

  • The King Hunt, Revealed

    To me, the term king hunt invariably conjures up an image of a bygone era, when chess was played over coffee and cigars at the Café de la Régence. With defensive tenacity largely considered a hindrance to the game's beauty, spec... | Read More

  • In Pursuit Of Zugzwang

    Zugzwang in chess seems like a simple concept: being forced to move even when it's disadvantageous.   To me, zugzwang is the saudade of chess; a straightforward idea on the surface, but a profound and fascinating concept on the in... | Read More

  • The Touch Move Rule

    The touch move rule is the most basic rule of tournament chess.  Even people who don't play chess at all know that when a chess player intentionally touches one of his pieces, he must make a move with this piece (of course if such a legal mov... | Read More

  • You Must Know This Powerful Endgame Pattern

    There are many basic endgame rules you can find in any chess manual: Centralize your king! Create an outside passed pawn!  Rooks should be placed behind passed pawns! ...I bet you've heard them dozens of times.  And yet one very... | Read More

    • Montana Open - Round 4

      Round 4 was perhaps the toughest one of the tournament. My opponent had a much lower rating, but he was a solid player who caught me napping and drew first blood when I left a center pawn hanging. That woke me up fast, and we went into a 70-plus ... | Read More

      • logosx1
      • | Apr 20, 2015
    • Tactics : Zwischenzug

      A zwischenzug or in-between move in chess is an intermezzo or unexpected move. Today I was having such a tactic in a game or 2. Let's have a closer look : Another one later on : For further reading : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zwisch... | Read More

      • achja
      • | Apr 11, 2015
    • An Instructive Pawn Ending Part 2

      In part one of this endgame study I get into the position and how to set up a zugwang position. I introduce a term I coined the "backward pawn sham sac" and I talk about reserve tempos. In this study I show that I didn't understand all of this whe... | Read More

      • PaulEChess
      • | Apr 6, 2015
    • An Instructive Pawn Ending Part 1

      This is an endgame study from one of my games. The hardest part of this game is figuring out exactly where to start the study. There is a "White to Move and Win" point which really captures the main ideas. But there is also a series of decisions t... | Read More

      • PaulEChess
      • | Apr 5, 2015
    • Black Listing Players

      Hi all, thanks for stoping by. Just want to bring to your attention the amount of cheating going on this server. Cheats get caught on a regular basis and once they get caught, they make new accounts repeating the whole cycle again.  I'm here to ... | Read More

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