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  • Chess Tactics And The Hookah

    A Superior Tactician Chess.com member Mzeekimaro wrote: “I am a big fan of you and your chess books. I am rated 1581 by FIDE. I want to be very good at tactics. What do you recommend I do? I want to be labeled as a superior tactician.&rdqu... | Read More

  • A Walk on the Wild Side, Part I

          Take a walk with me on the wild side . . . of chess.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       When Tarrasch wrote,  ". . .Sg5 , den ich für einen richtigen Stümperzug halt... | Read More

  • 5 Grandmaster Tips To Improve Your Tactics

    Do you find yourself getting a good position only to spoil it by missing a simple tactic?  How about getting a promising attack but failing to find a forced mate or win of material?  I hope these five simple tips will help to sharpen y... | Read More

  • Pawn Endgames: A Practical Guide

    Let us begin with a small challenge. Take a look at the following diagram: It is the starting position, stripped of all pieces except kings. If you managed to examine it without a yawn, eye roll, or grimace, you have passed the test . ... | Read More

  • The King Hunt, Revealed

    To me, the term king hunt invariably conjures up an image of a bygone era, when chess was played over coffee and cigars at the Café de la Régence. With defensive tenacity largely considered a hindrance to the game's beauty, spec... | Read More

    • Develop Logical Thinking in the Endgame (Intense King and Pawn Study)

      This is probably one of my top-tier blog posts for improving in chess endings. I have several that I am proud of, many that I think are pretty good, and a few others that I wish I could re-do. That is just the nature of studying… we are not at o... | Read More

      • PaulEChess
      • | Aug 30, 2015
    • Pawn Endings 1

      King activity, zugzwang, the body check, etc. | Read More

      • Ronliv
      • | Aug 27, 2015
    • How Analysing My Own Games led me to Anand's novelty

      This blog is part of a concerted effort by me to analyse my own game, without the use of a computer.   This is the hardest part of chess study for me, as it's difficult to aim for self reflection.    I managed to fit this blitz game in whil... | Read More

    • Winning Chess Patterns

      Hello Chess Fans, One of the glaring differences between Master and non-master players is their knowledge and recognition of PATTERNS, which gives them a decisive advantage.  Based on extensive prior knowledge, practice and training it's often... | Read More

    • The Calculus of Chess

      Many people are confounded trying to define chess as an art, or a science, or whether to merely leave it in the realm of a game. I plan to shed light on all three of these areas, as well as give clear examples of such.  Chess has long since had ... | Read More

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