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  • You Must Know This Powerful Endgame Pattern

    There are many basic endgame rules you can find in any chess manual: Centralize your king! Create an outside passed pawn!  Rooks should be placed behind passed pawns! ...I bet you've heard them dozens of times.  And yet one very... | Read More

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #73: Three vs. Two

    Professor: It's good to see you, class.  The kids didn't say much. A few of them even looked sad.  Professor: Why so pale and wan, if I may ask? Rachel: Well, the semester's coming to an end.  Professor: That's true. But you've all learned... | Read More

  • How To Break Fortresses

    Dealing with a fortress — especially when you have a significant material advantage — is an infuriating experience. Indeed, what can be more frustrating than completely outplaying your opponent, only to find that he has con... | Read More

  • All About Mary

          Mary Weiser Bain always seemed to have gotten lost in the shadows of Mona May Karff and Gisela Gresser.  But this pioneer of women's chess in the United States played no less a role.  While Gresser was home-grown, Mary Bain was born in... | Read More

  • How to play like a tactical chess genius (and stop dropping pieces!)

    It is so simple and yet so hard. If you tattoo the following concepts onto your brain you will play strong chess.   When the forces clash always first consider the following concepts: Checkmates Checks Mate Threats Only once this is done con... | Read More

    • Chess in Black and White: Endgame Lesson 3 - The Power of the King!

      To get the most out of these lessons make sure to join the study group. The link is at the bottom of the lesson. If you missed the intro to the series you can find it here - http://www.chess.com/blog/MichaelPorcelli/chess-in-black-and-white-issue... | Read More

    • Bounce back game vs a Strong Junior Player and learning from my last loss

      Last month in DC Chess League play I blogged a game in the Budapest Defense where I dropped my queen to a simple tactic in a position where there was not many pieces on the board.  This month in league play I wanted to use that as a learning expe... | Read More

      • SHoshall
      • | Jan 27, 2015
    • Beat the Losing Streak

      This has been a rough few weeks for me in online and correspondence chess. I recently matched my live chess losing streak of eight games in standard time control (15|10), which was incredibly disappointing given that I had improved so much over t... | Read More

    • The Curse of the Rook Pawn

      Endgame all of my adult life has been a favorite part of the chess game. Someone likes to attack, sacrificing whole series of pieces, someone prefers long maneuverable middlegame positions, but I like reset as soon as possible from the board these... | Read More


      “Playing well requires study – period. There are more or less sophisticated ways to play the game, and those unwilling to face up to the REALITY of CHESS KNOWLEDGE will be consigned forever to be ineffective, ignorant underachievers” –DAVI... | Read More

      • DuCannibis
      • | Jan 4, 2015

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