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  • Clash of Champions: Alekhine vs Capablanca

    As we move further from the misty past and closer to modernity in our exploration of the endgames of world championship matches, we come to the battle between the incumbent champion, Jose Raul Capablanca, and the challenger, Alexander Alekhine. ... | Read More

  • 10 Chess Facts You Might Not Know

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  • Good bishop, bad knight

    In our games we have the questions many times: Do I want to keep the bishop or the knight for the endgame. To be able to find the right answer we need to know the advantages and the disadvantages of the bishop and the knight. The bishop is strong... | Read More

  • The Art of Solving Advanced Tactics

    Since the beginning stages of chess development, you've most likely been exposed to solving "tactics" exercises. It seems that, by nature, every chess player innately shares the joy of finding the right solution to a tactical problem to some degre... | Read More

  • The Chess Terminator, Part Two

    Last week, we left our amicable chess terminator at a position where his opponent set a devilish trap for him. Many of you, my dear readers, correctly found the refutation of the trap. In his book, Tal wrote that White's move (25.Rd2) made him ver... | Read More

    • Old chess problem books

      Titles Vers. pdf J. W. Abbott: 121 Chess Problems (1887) - 113kb Aftonbladets Problemturneringar 1898-1904 (1906) - 143kb Arnell & Sørensen: Nordiske Skakproblemer (1879) - 186kb Mrs. W. J. Baird: 700 Chess Problems (1902) - 721kb Otto T. Bl... | Read More

    • Germany: Sparkassen Chess-Meeting

      Fabiano Caruana hat das Sparkassen Chess-Meeting in Dortmund am Samstag vorzeitig gewonnen. Nach einem Sieg gegen den Engländer Michael Adams hat der italienische Großmeister 5,0 Punkte auf seinem Konto und kann von der Konkurrenz nicht mehr ein... | Read More

    • So what's your favorite opening?

      Compliments for supporting BK Academy of Chess:  50 Videos Covering Opening Theory  ECO Volume A - http://goo.gl/IAgcvf ECO Volume B - http://goo.gl/fRmBDp C20–C99: Open Game - http://goo.gl/x18xJB A51: Budapest Gambit, Kieninger - Trap http... | Read More

    • The «Western Hemisphere Slow Live Chess WEEK-END Championship» Sign-Up Center

      Here you're signing up for a WEEK-END four (4) round slow LIVE chess tournament, litterally a chess revolution at Chess.com. Please sign up by posting your comment below. The «Western Hemisphere Slow Live Chess WEEK-END Championship» is a four ... | Read More

      • zugzwang67
      • | Jul 11, 2014
    • Two More Games From My Last Two Simuls

      Hello all, I've been recently giving a series of simultaneous exhibitions on chess.com and, to drum up a modicum of interest, promised to feature some of the games on my blog.  First, however, I wish to lodge a small complaint about how simuls a... | Read More

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