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  • Pawn Endgames: A Practical Guide

    Let us begin with a small challenge. Take a look at the following diagram: It is the starting position, stripped of all pieces except kings. If you managed to examine it without a yawn, eye roll, or grimace, you have passed the test . ... | Read More

  • The King Hunt, Revealed

    To me, the term king hunt invariably conjures up an image of a bygone era, when chess was played over coffee and cigars at the Café de la Régence. With defensive tenacity largely considered a hindrance to the game's beauty, spec... | Read More

  • In Pursuit Of Zugzwang

    Zugzwang in chess seems like a simple concept: being forced to move even when it's disadvantageous.   To me, zugzwang is the saudade of chess; a straightforward idea on the surface, but a profound and fascinating concept on the in... | Read More

  • The Touch Move Rule

    The touch move rule is the most basic rule of tournament chess.  Even people who don't play chess at all know that when a chess player intentionally touches one of his pieces, he must make a move with this piece (of course if such a legal mov... | Read More

  • You Must Know This Powerful Endgame Pattern

    There are many basic endgame rules you can find in any chess manual: Centralize your king! Create an outside passed pawn!  Rooks should be placed behind passed pawns! ...I bet you've heard them dozens of times.  And yet one very... | Read More

    • An Elegant Finish - Zugzwang with Multiple Pieces!

      How to set up zugzwang, or, when you notice your opponent has no good moves! Black is helpless, and the right move will finish the job!  YouTube Channel Five Minute Theory | Read More

      • nmpdk
      • | Jul 28, 2015
    • Do you Suffer From Knight Blindness?

      Hello Chess Fans, Rooks go up/down and side to side.  Bishops run on the super highway of diagonals and Knights, well they're a horse of a different color.  Many players suffer from Eques Caecitas - Latin for Knight Blindness - an infliction ch... | Read More

    • Playing For a Draw with a Fortress

      Hello Chess Fans, A series on King and Pawn Endgames wouldn't be complete without understanding How to Play for a Draw by Creating a FORTRESS. A Fortress is an endgame drawing technique used by the side who's down in material and out of opti... | Read More

    • Bishop versus bishop

      A positional game, just finished. Opponent didn't play the best moves in the middlegame, and ended up in a worse endgame, which ended with zugzwang. | Read More

      • achja
      • | Jun 30, 2015
    • Browne v Belle- two classic Q v R endings

      Here (reposted from GM Walter Browne's orbituary page) are my notes of Browne's classic 1978 win against Bell Telephone Company's BELLE chess program which had been programmed with an endgame tablebase of the Q vs R ending.   Browne's metho... | Read More

      • DavidMMIX
      • | Jun 27, 2015
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Video Lessons

  • Zugzwang

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    • | 462 Reads

    Pronounced "tsoog-tsvung", Zugzwang is a German word meaning "obligation to move".  The term is used for a position in which whoever has the move would obtain a worse result than if it were the opponent’s turn to play. A player is said to b... Read More »

  • Tempo

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    • | 0 Reads

    In chess, tresesponded to. In this case, since both players have "lost" a tempo, the net result in terms of time is nil, but the change brought about in the position may favor one player more than the other.   Gaining tempo may be achieved, for... Read More »