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23rd Chess.com Quick Knockouts (1801-2000)


#2 cll3 (2190)

TD: CHESScom Started on January 1, 2014 at 12:17 PM
Players: 207   Time Control: 24 hours/move
Max Group Size: 6   Rating Range: 1801-2000
# Advance: 1   Tie Breaks: Yes
Points Available: 495   Games Rated: Yes
Max Avg Time/Move: 3 hours

Tournament Stats
Starting Players: 207 Completed Games: 1190 (tournament is 100% complete)
Eliminated Round 1: 176 (85% of field) Games in Round 1: 1,020
Eliminated Round 2: 25 (12% of field) Games in Round 2: 150
Eliminated Round 3: 5 (2% of field) Games in Round 3: 20
Players Withdrawn: 6 (2%) # Timeouts: 187 (15%)
Remaining Players: 0 (0%) Remaining Games: 0 (current round)
Average Rating: 1849 Biggest Upset: 1793 defeats 2018

This is the 23rd RAPID Chess.com Tournament! Only players who play their games QUICKLY (who have a low Avg. Time per Move) and who have completed 5 games already can register. Games have a 1 day time control and the games in the round start immediately! (That is 10 games starting right away and going fast!!)

Think fast and good luck!


  • 17 months ago


    sasha64 thanks for that, I've been feeling a bit like I'm slowing the tournament down, since everybody else in my group already finished. I wanted to play faster but I've unexpectedly had limited time these days because of life. I figured making 1-2 moves a day is at least better than going on vacation in what's supposed to be a quick tourney!

  • 17 months ago


    I've been criticized by another player for taking more than 3 hours per move.  I understand the time control is 24 hrs. per move.  I've been making two or three moves on most days.  I am within limits or not?

  • 17 months ago



  • 17 months ago


    Hello everybody! When the tournament will get started?

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