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Blake's7 !


#1 cesarmart (1299)

#2 GrunthostheFlatulent (1268)

#3 Qoa (1419)

TD: Konkel Started on November 28, 2012 at 2:26 PM
Players: 16   Time Control: 3 days/move
Max Group Size: 5   Rating Range: <1200
# Advance: 2   Tie Breaks: Yes
Points Available: 268   Games Rated: Yes

This is a "No Vacation" tournament!

Tournament Stats
Starting Players: 16 Completed Games: 76 (tournament is 100% complete)
Eliminated Round 1: 6 (37% of field) Games in Round 1: 48
Eliminated Round 2: 4 (25% of field) Games in Round 2: 18
Eliminated Round 3: 3 (18% of field) Games in Round 3: 8
Eliminated Round 4: 2 (12% of field) Games in Round 4: 2
Players Withdrawn: 1 (6%) # Timeouts: 8 (10%)
Remaining Players: 2 (12%) Remaining Games: 0 (current round)
Average Rating: 1180 Biggest Upset: 835 defeats 1139

We are smugglers.. We are space pirates.. We are rebels.... We are wanted fugitives........ We are brothers bond together by a cause... And that cause is "FREEDOM!!!" The Terran Federation will not stop until we are all dead or in chains rotting away in some prison planet. But, until then brothers let us rage against the system!!! Join the rebellion support the revolution!!
Whether you're a die hard Blake's7 fan,or a casual science fiction enthusiast,you will find a home here,
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